Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas

Christmas is just that magical. And I can't hear the word without thinking of the song that starts Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas. This year was no different. The tree was simple and beautiful, the presents lovely, the company (Mom and Elizabeth) phenominal, and the atmosphere was pure magic. Of course the boys awaited the word to tear into presents. This year we tried to slow it down a bit because in years past they have unwrapped at an incredible rate. But here is one of the boys opening gifts simeltaneously.
Wyatt showing off his loot. Apparently Santa knows my little boy because he got gun after knife after rocket launcher after num chucks after get the picture. He loves all sorts of violent weapontry.
Kody was in heaven. He loved the excitement, the wrapping paper, and took an instant liking to his push car. He loves to sit on it and is getting the hang of pushing himself since his brothers have commandeered the vehicle to show him at least a half a dozen times. Thanks Nana.
And last of all one of my personal favorites was Bella realizing that Santa doesn't know so much after all because he got her a guitar and she is not allowed to take guitar lessons till she is eight. She was ecstatic and couldn't stop saying awesome. Click on the picture to see the word exiting her lips. And since then she has graced us with musical presentations, and we have started a fun tradition of me serenading her with lullabies at night.
Our Christmas was very merry and I hope that you all had a merry one too.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shepard's Dinner

Long time ago, probably before I was born because I can't remember a beginning, our family has had shepard's dinner on Christmas Eve. We used to eat by candlelight foods that the shepards may have eatten. We ate a lot of cheese, tons of different kinds of breads, and fruit mainly. Well over the years it has evolved. Now we do cheese, dips, crackers, different breads that turn into sandwiches, still we do fruit, and then dessert. This year after the bulk of eatting had taken place we played Charades. It was great even the kids got into it. And some who were younger had their parents or aunts help them. Peter doing "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone".
Michael, now 14, proved to be both brilliant and witty this year not only in his Charades but general commentary, especially when we played a game of hypothetical questions.
Clair, Peter's daughter, eatting a sugar cookie. She is the cutest little girl ever.
Everyone lounging around. It was so good to be with all my siblings and my kids playing with all their cousins. I can't wait till the basement is finished, maybe next year.
Some still sitting at the table and eatting. Notice they are still watching the game going on in the background. I maintain - I love my family. They are the best.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Quake Hits Lancaster County

Shortly after midnight I was awoken to some serious shaking. I knew Travis was awake still and I was thinking what the heck is he doing. At that point he is already up the stairs in our room saying are you alright? It's still shaking so I know it is not him. It stops and we do a quick assessment of the facts/situation. We run down the stairs and out the front door. All of the neighbors are outside. After confirming nothing has crashed into our house/subvision, I let everyone know it was an earthquake. I am the qualified expert after living in Utah for so long. Okay not really, but I have felt little movements. But this one definitely took it to the next level, and it still only measured 3.3 on the richter scale. Crazy stuff people.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Favorite Part of Christmas

Food is love. If you know me you know I believe this intensely. My mother was once quite the chef, baker, and overall foods expert. I have felt her love every Christmas of my life as she made literally hundreds of cookies. She would make all of our favorites including sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, snicker doodles, peanut butter blossoms, oatmeal crispies, butterscotch, and at least a dozen others I can't remember or try not to remember - date and nut cookies being one of them. Honestly I have never known anyone to dedicate this kind of energy in the kitchen at the holidays. This didn't even begin to touch the other delicacies that are a neccessity around our house this time of year rice crispy treats, homemade chex mix, pies, the best stuffing ever made, and all the other Christmas Day foods.
And now that I am a mom I choose to continue the tradition of love through food and treats at the holidays. Here are some of my favorite ingredients. Real baking chocolate, eggs, walnuts, chocolate chips, whip cream, real butter, yum. Not only is the food love, but the act of making and eatting it. Every child gathers around anxious to help and excited to lick the finished spoons and bowls. And although I have always found the phrase sort of silly, there really is something to be said about "breaking bread" with others. There is a vulnerabilty in it. And the sheer delight of experiencing new and loved flavors with those who you love brings you closer, and this is to say nothing about the countless hours that are spent conversing around the table.And so in the spirit of love and pure happiness at passing on a family tradition today I dedicated my day to cooking/baking. A few of the delectable goodies were homemade fudge with and without nuts, several kinds of cookies, rice crispy treats, chocolate pies, irish creme brownies - these have changed my life, and still to be made blackberry cobbler. And as expected the day was spent with children at my feet or by my side standing on a chair sharing in the pure delight of being together doing something we love. And for each moment in the future that will be spent joyously breaking the proverbial bread.
Merry Christmas everyone. Hope that all of you have a happy holiday season. And pray that the snow pounds my area. I know I am.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I Saw Glass Bend

So it is 9*F right now and with the wind chill -13*F. Yeah and that wind it has been blowing up to sixty miles an hour all night. We are down one trash can, despite our search and rescue party for it last night. So long you served us well. Although I am still hopeful it magically will blow back. And before going to bed I watched my back sliding door bend with the pressure of the wind. A little disconcerting, but Travis says that is what it is supposed to do. Otherwise the glass would shatter. I guess; it still seems crazy to me. Happy Almost Winter!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mini Miracle

Yesterday Issac pooped on the potty all by himself without any coercion, extortion, or bribing.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


So tomorrow is the big day. The day I have been waiting for. Yes my sister is flying into town for the Christmas Holiday. What can I say about this girl well a whole lot good and bad, but I'll spare you the bulk of the details and get straight to the heart of it. She is beautiful. Far more beautiful than me. Prettiest girl in our family hands down, no worries people, I have a good sense of self confidence, but I am not delusional. She is the best aunt in the world. She spoils my kids way more than I ever would. She has special nicknames for them and if she doesn't they beg her incessantly to create one. She takes them on snack food runs to the local gas stations to get their choice of sugary snack and will stop by with surprises for them.She is a great sister. We didn't always get along, but the older we get the more we do. I also have several loving nicknames for her, most of which she hates despite laughing when I call her them. She was a semi-permanent fixture at my house when we lived in Utah. She worked maybe a mile away and so most days for lunch she would hit my house up for leftovers, little chats, and bedtime snuggles. She has become a lover of the Bachelor thanks to my coaxing and I am now a fan of Victoria Secret's Wings show at Christmastime due to her coaxing. I don't know what it is but girls making fools of themselves on National TV does something for me/us.
Most Christmases we spend together. And here is one two years ago when my Mom was in town too. Notice beside her is a Superman blanket my mom got her. She has a strange love for superman, and pretty much all superheros. She can tell you which were Marvel Comics and which were the other comic creator - DC?. Not only that but she may be the most brilliant source of knowledge on pop culture ever. She can tell you most any song being dropped on a given Tuesday, which movies are coming out any weekend, and likely she has listened to and seen all of them within that first day or weekend.
She has been known to drop by unannounced as well, but typically it is a great surprise except for that one time with the italian boy when we lived in south Provo. One day she even cleaned up the pooh that Wyatt so lovingly spread all around the bathroom. I don't know what he was doing. I was just trying not to and then hurling my guts out as she cleaned it up. She has hands down the most fabulous hair you have ever seen. It almost always looks like silk like in the commercials, but feels soft too. She is great at curling hers and I've witnessed people asking her how she does it so well. I have yet to learn the secret, but could probably benefit from the knowledge since most of the time my hair is unkempt.
She is my best friend and I can hardly count down the hours till she is here. She is fiercely loyal and more loving than probably any person I know. She wears her heart on her sleeve and so gets hurt pretty easily, but...because of that when she loves you - you feel more special and loved than when you are loved by any other person. She lets you know it. It will be so fun to have her here. I am sure there will be at least one little cat fight her being her for ten days and all, but in the end I'll be so depressed when she has to go back to Utah. I love this girl and I don't use that term lightly.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not A Morning Person

If I get four inches of snow at my house and then a layer of ice due to sleet you would think that I would at least have a one hour delay in the morning if not two. My roads are covered in ice so of course I would assume I need only look at WGAL to confirm my prediction at six in the morning so I can go back to bed. So I wait going through the alphabetical madness and at 6:26 I am offered the crushing blow that there is no delay. It is like I am back in high school all over again. I am ticked off. I could have slept later and woken up to the alarm, but I was so confident I would get to sleep late that when Travis left for work I had no problem jumping up to check the news. People I need two hour delays here. I am not a morning person.

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Child's Prayer

"Thank you for the celebration of Hanukah as well as Christmas." Unexpected, yes. This was Bella's prayer after all. I guess it has to do with the fact that her school has been allowed to have a Christmas Program every year as long as they celebrate all religious as well as cultural holidays in it. Sounds like the underpinnings of some flaming lib, but I'll save that rant for another day. Because nothing says Merry Christmas like celebrating a cultural holiday that denies Jesus being the Christ. But all in all, I'm happy she is learning about it, and that she sees value in the beliefs and choices of others.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Great Gathering

Last night Travis and I went to a Christmas Party at our friend's, Amber - see her blog for potential pics, house. I was really excited all week because the invitations were so cute I knew that she would be creative and do fun things. And of course I was not disappointed. We played two new games I had never played before which were both fun, one I was Brangelina, and the other the girls won. And if that was all I told you I think everyone still would get an idea of how fun it was. But we had great food, everyone brought their favorite appetizer, yum. And we did white elephant gifts not to exceed five dollars value. And they could be fun or serious. Well in my opinion that was the most hilarious. We got great finds such as a magnificent red hat which I am sure will be showcased by someone at some point, probably Panda's blog, regifted wedding presents and college gifts like a crystal punch bowl and toaster oven. They were new and in great shape. Then there were videos, cd's, necklace and matching earrings, food products, toys, practical gifts, and an original Sony Walkman, courtesy of me. I thought it was hilarious. Sorry Tad, no one wanted to steal that. And then we just talked our hearts out. Anyway...I woke up feeling rejuvenated this morning. Laughing that hard for that long will do that to you I suppose. Thanks Amber it was fun.

Also see this weeks new header pictures. Really they are all almost the same. Slight variations.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I Love My WyGuy

Wyatt is perhaps the sweetest boy ever. He is pretty sensitive. He loves kisses and hugs and will give them out anytime they are wanted. And he is one to surprise me with unexpected hugs and kisses too. A mother's dream for sure in terms of affection. That same sensitivity translates to his tv watching habits. Here he is sitting and watching a show. As the show builds anticipation either for a villian or otherwise Wyatt senses it long before others do. He starts to wiggle as he sits with nervous energy. And it isn't long before he has jumped up to a standing position.
And then he starts to wiggle while standing because his nerves make him super antsy. He'll start to suck or chew on his fingers which he is doing below. Lastly if things get really good he'll start jumping up and down. He has also been known to go and hide behind our recliner in the corner.
He responds to all the clues they give him such as music, lighting changes, tempo, etc... And these aren't adult movies these are kids cartoons. His jubilation and joy are just as intense when things are going good in a show. He'll laugh and cheer and squeal with delight. My favorite reaction of all though is when they build a romantic relationship in the plot. He'll shout his disgust with "Ew gross" and the likes. It is all this silliness that makes watching tv with Wyatt so much fun. Man I love this little boy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Part Two of the Doctor's Office

This part so funny/mortifying it deserves an entry of its own. Issac despite not loving the doctor and crying off and on paused long enough that when she pulled down his pants to check his nether regions for all the proper medical stuff, he stopped crying, got a huge grin, and a small chubby. How embarrassing. I was going to remain silent and go the denial route, but the Dr. says, "Yeah, little boys always seem to like that part." Oh my word I am dying and I do not embarrass easily. What is with boys?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And Then There Were Two

We arrive, happily play, go back to the room. We try to take off shoes and coats for the measurements and that is when the crying starts. Yeah we are at the doctor's office for a 3 yr old appt and a 15 mo old appt. And my kids are behaving as if they have had some traumatic experience which they have not. In the past, shots solicited a little crying and cuddle time but were quickly gotten over. We measure Issac and he quickly is back to normal realizing it's just mundane. Now Kody...and then he cries at the thought of sitting on the scale without me holding him. He clings to me like he never has before. Laying flat for his height is torture. And he rips the head measuring tape clean off. He is having none of it despite my holding him.

The nurse leaves. The doctor comes in. We have some random fussing, but are managing. Then the nurse comes back in to give the shots. Holy Moses despite the numbing spray agent Issac is shrieking. Kody gets his turn and he lets out some good yelps. And then there were two and for the first time both kids are crying simeltaneously. I am holding and cuddling them both. And they finally calm down, but good gravy you would have thought I just chopped their arms off. So the measurements are in...
Kody is 23 lbs. 9 oz.-30%; 31 in-45%; head 48 cm-75%
Issac is 31 lb. 8 oz.-45%; 35 1/2 in-10%

Monday, December 8, 2008

Almost the Same

Family pictures will now be unfurled one week at a time in the header. Enjoy.

Weekend Update

No pictures since I had a little too much going on, but I'll share the highlights still. Party number two on Saturday morning went good. It was a kid party for Bella. We made frosted sugar cookies in all holiday shapes and sizes. And I am still eatting the leftovers, just trying to get a jump on my holiday 10 lbs.

Saturday we also did Christmas and winter crafts at our library. They had cookies, hot chocolate, and three craft stations set up and one to take home, which is our plan for tonights FHE. Then we did naps to get rejuvenated for the Manheim tree lighting.

So in the square of Manheim, one mile from our house they light the tree, do hot chocolate, and lots of little venders. They hand out goody bags, Santa comes, the local high school choir sings, Cricket's ballet studio comes and dances for the crowd. Oh my cuteness. I so wanted Bella to be a little ballerina after that. But you think they could have gotten those girls some clothes because it was snowing after all which made the tree lighting all the more magical. We also were all led in some group singing by Pastor Bob aka Pastor Rob his real name, but since the MC kept calling him Paster Bob by mistake it took as the crowd literally yelled we like Pastor Bob better. Wonder if it'll stick.

Then after the lighting and several other activities we headed to Representative Tom Creighton's office, which is on the square, to have Mrs. Clause read to the kids. It was great. The kids came home with smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. And I couldn't help but smile too. My life is perfect and I love this time of year. There is nothing better than living in a small town and having awesome festive events - Dancing in the Streets, our new years eve party is next, openly remembering the birth of Christ as a town, and seeing people you see everywhere like Weis, the library, and walking down Main Street all around you enjoying it too. Manheim may be out of the way, but it is fast becoming the world's cutest city in my eyes.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Success

First off I know that someone out there knows how to rotate a video clip. Please tell me how. Second our enrichment consisted of making graham cracker gingerbread houses - super cute and easy, tying quilts for the humanitarian effort, and karaoke. Despite having a lot of people show interest I was still very nervous about the participation. It started slow, but after I made a fool of myself on a couple of numbers people got into the swing of it. All the activities ended up going really well. And I think that this clip shows what a success the party was. Thanks girls I had fun with you.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Gathering Number 1

Well tonight will be the kick off of the Christmas Season for me. We are having our first get together here. It is for the Enrichment Women from my church. Although I don't have all my Christmas decorations set up yet, I can't really worry about it, because I still have plenty to do. We will be tying quilts, making gingerbread houses, and ... karaoke. Wish me luck and that everyone is in the singing spirit.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And Nothing Says Happy Birthday Like A Car Accident

Yes you heard me. Yesterday as we were out running to get Issac's birthday present from Toys 'R Us we found ourselves being rear ended by a brand new Ford Expedition. Of the four of us, the women who was driving, her mother, Travis, and I, none had ever been in an accident. She was obviously distressed and crying. She kept apologizing. I told her no one intends to get into an accident. It's okay. Regardless we were in line of traffic that goes both left and straight. We had a green arrow and as I was approaching the intersection to turn left the green arrow disappeared to a stale green. I yielded to the oncoming traffic, it felt like a decent amount of time, before I heard squeeling and felt the impact. I guess she thought I was going to go and she started to swerve around me because her drivers side front was mangled and just my passenger back was damaged. I think my shock kept me calm. We called our insurance company, the police to write up an incident report - orders from the insurance company. And after waiting over an hour for the police to get there the whole affair from the time of the accident to us pulling away was a about two and a half hours. The kids were pretty good waiting in the car, but I felt horrible that Issac's precious birthday time was being spent so frivilously.
In the end and in the spirit of Thanksgiving I realized all the many blessings from this little incident:
1. Travis was with me making my first accident much more bareable.
2. No one was hurt. Thank you annoying car seats.
3. Our car had relatively little damage, especially considering what hers looked like and that her driver's side door wouldn't open.
4. She had insurance to handle little mishaps such as these.
5. It really did help me to slow down on my crazy Christmas planning crap and appreciate the stuff we have and my amazing kids.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Issac Turns Three

This boy has enough energy to power a small nation. Most of the time it is cute and today on his birthday I loved it. Here he is waiting in the car for a trip to McDonald's, his designated dinner of choice. This is a face of pure excitement. Nothing says birthday happiness like french fries going down the hatch. Mmm Yum. Really he is the cutest thing ever.
Issac is such a little boy. His love of all things athletic speaks to my heart. At age two he started laying with me and asking to watch football. By two and a half he turned his love to baseball and has been going strong since. Although anything with a ball strikes his fancy. So of course when Bella suggested a baseball cake, I was excited. I can handle that. See below.
And for his birthday he got a "Go Diego Go" baseball kit. He loved it as Travis and I knew he would. And here is some footage of our superstar athlete.
Issac really is the sweatest little boy. Sometimes I am confounded by him but more often than not I am his kindred spirit. I love to get a kiss from this boy who rarely gives them out but when he does they are filled with such intensity that you feel like you hit the jackpot to be the lucky recipient. He is the sweetest older brother to Kody playfully wrestling with him and waiting for him to tag along. And lastly he is just so exciting I can't wait to see what fun and excitement he holds in store for our family. Every family needs a little Issac. Love you buddy.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Issac's Insights

Last night we got home at 9:30 from our Thanksgiving fun. Most of the kids are being transferred from the car to their beds in their sleep filled state. Issac had never fallen asleep and so we have him pee before putting him in bed. After I jump straight on the toilet to pee, because I had been dying to pee.

Issac: You pee like me Mom.
Me: Yes bud I do.
Issac: You are a boy.
Me: What?
Issac: You pee like me mom, you are a boy.
Now bare in mind I am sitting down.
Me: No Issac I am a girl.
Issac: No girls poop. Boys pee. You pee like me Mom. You are a boy.

Now he knows the difference between a girl and a boy and he knows that both boys and girls pee so I guess that is what a sleep deprived state does to someone.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

99.9% Sure

As I am 99.9% sure that I will not be getting on the internet tomorrow or probably the next day let alone checking the blog world, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday of the year essentially because it is filled with all of my favorite foods and my life and social interactions are based upon all things delicious. And most importantly because the weekend starts a month's worth of reverence for the Saviour and the anticipation of his birth. Also I get to unveil my very famous advent calender collection. For casual friends please feel free to get me additional ones if you don't know what to get me this year for Christmas and for dear friends and family I expect something even cooler. Once again Happy Thanksgiving, we really all have so much to be grateful for.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And I'm Done

Seriously. I'm not joking. I have been sewing like a little Chinese slave child in some small village in a sweatshop. It started all nice like, when I was inspired by autumn to make a beautiful quilt. Before I was even done that, I felt ready to be done sewing. But I finished. But not before committing myself to have some quilts done for Enrichment. For our Christmas Enrichment we are having several activities one of them quilt tying; as the Enrichment Committee leader I had the fun oppurtunity to sew quilts to be tied. I sewed this purple one which I actually love and want, and then cut squares for another one that I subbed out the sewing to. She finished the top. Now I need to place the batting and backing and we are done.
And hopefully I will not be sewing any more quilts for a very long time. No more sweatshop labor for me. Leave that for the little kids, because it is just hard work.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cirque de Soleil

Last night at our house was a performance not to be missed. What could be better than having your very own Cirque de Soleil performance in your home? I love the group. They are shear genius by mixing athleticism with fierce flexibility and crazy fearlessness. I would love to see them for real-live, but in the mean time I'll settle for this. Our family's own little performance. I have lots of little clips with each of the kids in various stages, but Bella is getting some bigger skills. And if someday she isn't in Cirque de Soleil she at least can be a cheerleader.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Like many a business man will tell you transitions are important, critical even. A smooth transition from one thing to the next can make all the difference in the small details of the everyday operations of a company to the big picture of a company's success. And because every family is just a small business every mother will echo those sentiments.

Transitioning from playtime to bedtime is such a large part of any mother's day. The ritual for most children's bedtime includes baths, pj's, brushing teeth, stories, kisses, hugs, drinks, and the likes. Perhaps the biggest transition in my day is the items that must be carried out in order for me to leave the confines of my home and expand our adventures to the great world beyond; getting dressed, combing hair (give or take on certain days), putting on shoes and socks, getting coats for everyone, and buckling all my kids into their safety contraptions called car seats is a process that efficiency can minimize but will never eliminate. And so in life I have learned to embrace these transitions.

I am a little hyper at times; I might have a short attention span. I am always excited for my next adventure, but a little part of me is already missing the last one. And so it is that some transitions are bitter sweet. As many of you know Travis and I are pretty sure that we are done having kids. And so each moment with Kody has become its own kind of ritual. We remember when each of the three other kids went through that phase. We think of how we'll never experience it again. And sometimes that is bitter sweet. But more often than not I am happy and excited. We are entering the next stage of life and our babies are growing up.

Here is our Kody eatting breakfast. I love his still sleepy eyes. His slightly swollen face. His ravenous appetite from waiting so long between meals. An average breakfast for Kody is a male adult breakfast. This morning he had two eggs, two pieces of toast, half a bowl of cereal, a glass of milk, and water. Pancake mornings he eats five usually with a side of meat or something else. He's not a baby anymore with an appetite like that.

His newest skill although not perfected is his love of trying to walk. He will walk around our house and then stop and look up to me waiting for my smiles and claps to show that I am so proud of him for doing it. Walking is such a big boy skill, but needing that approval makes him still a little boy. In the mornings when I go and get him his blanket and pacifier, which he still uses to sleep, are almost always thrown outside the crib. I pick him up and he always reaches for them. He puts the paci in and snuggles into his blanket for a minute or two. I then always ask are you ready to go eat. He smiles and heads for the door, but not before I say we need to put the blanket and paci in the crib. Today he picked up his blanket and tried to walk it over to the crib instead of crawling with blanket in tow over. He was laughing as he tried to master walking with the extra weight of an object throwing off his sense of balance. After a little cajoling he tossed his binkie in the crib too. He is so grown and learning to understand all of these little phrases. I can talk to him now and know he understands even if he isn't talking back.
Then there are those moments that he is still more a little infant boy than a toddler. And it is that love of tearing stuff out that most reminds me of that. Cupboards still are being empited, bookshelves are being cleared, and toilet paper is still being unwound if left unattended. There comes a time when at around 18 months to 2 years old your kids stop trying to do that stuff. They know it isn't allowed. Kody is still testing those boundries, but it won't be long before he learns since we have entered the constant use of the word no phase and time out phase. It is at this juxtaposition in my life that I am appreciative of all of life's transitions, the ability to wait with anticipation for the future, the love of the moments I am experiencing now, and the sense of loss for those things that no longer will be.
Here's to little boys becoming men, little girls becoming moms, and moms learning to appreciate the small things in life.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Snow

This morning the snow started again. Hooray. This is my neighbor's house across the street in the falling snow, picture perfect. The boys all wanted to go out and play in their snow clothes despite me telling them it probably wouldn't be enough to warrant snow suits and all, but hey what do I know. Kody perferred a prone position as the slickness of the tramp made for treacherous traveling.
My little Robby or whatever the little brother's name is in "A Christmas Story".
Although I love the snow and embrace it I don't know that putting a roof on a house is proper snow activity. And yes there were men standing on that same roof/structure throughout the day and periodic snow.
More roof parts. Yes walk along the edges sounds good.
But of all the snow activities jumping on the trampoline with snow is a favorite activity of ours. The slick surface creates unlimited amounts of fun. Although the danger level is dramatically increased, I weigh that out in my head and almost always opt for the fun.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bring On The Snow

Yesterday we had our first flakes of snow. It was enough to dust the trampoline and send my boys out to try and lick it off. Yum. It is "supposed" to snow tomorrow more and all I have to say is Bring IT. This is coming from the girl who loves snow, whose husband on a daily basis in winter times prays for over three feet of it at once, whose family can't help but go out and play in it even if not properly dressed for it. So in hopes of welcoming more snow, at least three feet, here are my favorite snow pictures from the last three years.

Here is me teaching Elizabeth to love the snow. You have to become one with the snow. Making snow angels in everyday clothing without a coat helps you to become one with the snow. Yes those are my calves exposed. I was wearing capri gym pants at the time. ONe with the snow I tell ya. Dec. 06
Here is one of my favorite trips. West Yellowstone trip January of 07. Snowmobiling all day and we scored this sweet shot. I love Yellowstone, I love snowmobiling, I love Travis. Here it is easy to be one with the snow.
Here are the three kids sledding together. Perhaps not the best picture of any one of them. But seeing all three of them enjoying the snow and sledding makes my heart feel all warm and tingly. Jan 08.
Here is wishing for those three feet of snow and many more great snow pictures.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It Must Be Important

This boy is normally so mellow, but sometimes there is a furiousness with which he jumps up from what he is doing and runs to me that leads me to believe something is wrong. Typically I am surprised with a sweet little kiss and a great big hug. It is like the thought has just occurred to him how much he loves me and he must show me immediately. I love it and I love this little boy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

She Makes Everything Fun

This girl can make everything more fun. Today she only had a half day of school. Since she has been home the boys have followed her around from room to room playing every imaginable game. One even included house where I was the mom and they put pillows under my head and feet and rubbed my feet. That's the kind of motherhood I am talking about people. Everyone is happily enetertained and I even have free time to clean, scratch that, read a book.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sneak Preview

About a month or so ago we did family pictures. Mainly for Christmas and to replace our huge portrait in the living room. Although I can't show you all of them because they will be going out in Christmas cards in 3 weeks, and I would hate to ruin the surprise and anticipation, above is a sneak preview.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Priorities People

My husband has many talents; everyday I am impressed to learn something new he can do. Cooking has never been one of those talkents. His college diet horrified me. And upon telling him that I was writing this blog he quipped, " I can cook. I do noodles with cream of chicken, ramen noodles, and macaroni and cheese." And I rest my case. Three types of boxed, prepackaged, processed noodles creations. But the other night I was away and I when I came home I found this. This is what our family calls "Chocolate Pudding Cake" aka "Treila's Transgression" lovingly named after his mother who is the originator of this fabulous decadence. This is not for the faint of heart people, you have to have a severe sweet tooth to compete in this category.Travis may not be able to cook but he is a baking expert. Since that is his favorite kind of food I shouldn't be surprised. I have known many people to say that Travis made the best chocolate chip cookies they had ever eatten and that is a feat since every person swears they have the best CCC recipe. He can bake many cookies, cakes, and chocolate surprises. Just wait till the holiday season is in full swing and you'll catch this man in the kitchen making "Puppy Chow". Maybe he can't cook, but everyone needs to have priorities and according to him he has his all figured out in the foods department. And on a final note how does one consume pure sugar and calories and stay so slim? Yeah he ate this whole cake himself minus three pieces. One for me (of course I had to try it, Travis ended up finishing my piece) and the three kids split the equivalent of two normal pieces. This whole thing polished off in 24 hours no less. He is a man of many talents after all. Gotta love this guy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Scene At Our House

This morning I get the kids up and all three boys tend to get dressed in one room. Last night we went to a friend's house for a pizza party.

Issac: I go to Micah's house and eat pizza again?
(keep in mind he was miserable most of last night and crying due to tiredness)
Issac: Mmm. Pizza good.
Wyatt: Yeah can we go to Micah's house again today and play and eat pizza?
Me: Uh?
Wyatt: Yes or no, Mom. Yes or no.
Issac: Say yes, say yes.
Me: Probably not today.
Wyatt: I knew it was a no. I don't like no. I like yeses.
Me: Me too, I totally understand.
(Wyatt runs behind me and buries his face in my lion's mane of morning hair)
Wyatt: Yes kids, we can go to Micah's house.
Wyatt (to me): See you said we can go to his house. Let's go.
Me: laughing
(Issac now crying about something totally unrelated. Wyatt lifts his shirt exposing his little man nipple.)
Wyatt: Look Issac at my boob. Isn't it funny?
Me: Wyatt.
Wyatt: Well my boob isn't as funny as the word is. Isn't the word boob funny mom? Ha Ha Ha. (hysterics of Wyatt ensue)
Me: (Disguising chuckles)

I swear my son has a future in stand up comics. The boy is so funny.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Not A Party...

till someone roasts a pig. And that someone was my dad aka Grandpa Graver. In celebration of him and his wife finishing their Washington DC temple mission, they had a big pig roast at their relatively new house with all the people from the temple, their whole ward, and our family. After eatting all the kids grabbed Grandpa's rakes of every sort and started raking his leaves to make a big pile to jump and play in.

Nothing says fun for kids like soda by the can and cookies of all sorts.Elizabeth my great niece, oh yeah that's right - my nephew's daughter - hiding her face from the falling leaves. What a cutie.
My sister in law, Fran, and brother in law Fred. Another grand nephew, Isaac.
Issac loving being burried in leaves. It changed from one moment to the next whether he liked it or not.
Overall the day started and ended well. Who could ask for anything more. I took at least 75 pictures, so consider yourselves spared.

Boys and Trains

Our Saturday started so good with a trip to the Strasburg Railroad to ride the train. Issac has been going through a Thomas the Train kick, so it seemed the perfect oppurtunity to take the kids. Here are the kids waiting to board the train and watching the one train hook to the other. Travis and Kody riding along.
Bella once on the train was a bag of nerves since she had never ridden one. She was worried about all the potential things that could happen. This is me trying to make her happy for a picture. There's a little smile.
Wyatt was all smiles and excitement.

Issac was over the moon. It was one great shot after another because of his smiles by the second. He couldn't stop. He just kept saying, "Thomas the Train".
What a fun day.