Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's All Down Hill From Here

50 Nifty United States...so for years, Travis and I have wanted to visit all 50 states.  For three years we have sat at 49.  Going to Hawaii with foster kids presents some challenges.  Basically for us, the planning factor is necessary, but being Resource Parents doesn't let you plan too far in advance because your family size and makeup is always changing.  After waiting for the perfect set of circumstances, we realized they were never going to come and instead we would need to make the hard decision to use RESPITE (glorified babysitting).  Something we haven't done before.  So we made the leap and bought plane tickets in the dead of winter, put deposits on the beach house in the Spring and all this as our family size and makeup continued to shift, change and grow.

I won't say there weren't some hiccups and hard feelings when it came time to use RESPITE, but as a mom and foster mom, you are constantly trying to balance out everyone's needs.  And I knew that my kids had been really patient these last three years with this.  So in early August, we made our way to Oahu.  It was gorgeous, everything of our dreams. And amazing as it is, I really just love such focused family time.  So we hiked, walked, explored, swam and toured our way around the island.  This is a small sample of our adventures.
Walking past the danger no passing sign, we hiked down this hillside and found lava caves to hike through.

Hawaii may have a stray cat problem.  After this day, early on, we were in hysterics every time we saw a cat.

Nu'uanu Pali look out Point

Dole Plantation Train

Lanakai Beaches

Laie Temple, Hawaii - Families Are Forever


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Aww Gus Ketchup

Our summer was busy, but fun.  I didn't blog much, but...here are the highlights.
 Long pool days - so much that Bella fell asleep on our kitchen floor in her bathing suit on our dog.
 Eating summer foods:  fresh coconuts and Rita's.
 Haircuts in preparation for school
 New glasses
 Redeeming summer reading program coupons, seeing movies and just being together.
Before the first day of school!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

What I'm Thinking

Short Term Projects:
Processing Apples - making dried apples
Canning Tomatoes
Read book club books
Grocery Shop
Brandy get her permit
Finish Issac's Bear
Finish Wyatt's Faith in God
Buy winter stuff for Bella and Wyatt
Plan and Take NY trip with Bella and Christie
Read Book Club book(s)

Mid Term Projects:
Clean off my bedroom Chair
Wash blinds
Wash walls
Put refrigerator in Storage Room/Clean
Christmas Shop
Finish Issac's Faith in God
Plan Issac's bday
Clean Garage and Get ready for Winter
Read the other 20 books on my nightstand
Lose 15 pounds
Create a Family History Kick Off Program
Finishing picking Choir Music for Christmas

Long Term Projects:
Racing T-shirt quilt
Finish all other Faith in God and Scouting Advancements

So a million things need doing, but here I sit with quiet time for the second night in a row.  And instead I am contemplating life, my life, my priorities and wanting to record it for my children or maybe grandkids.  It's nothing special that I'm thinking, but just that Family is really what it is all about.  And I couldn't love mine more.  And I can't give more credit than to Heavenly Father.  As a Mormon, we are taught that if we are obedient to his commandments he will bless us.  I feel very blessed and I know that it is a direct result of his promises.