Thursday, July 5, 2012


So recently we have gone through the testing process to enroll Dakota in Kindergarten, technically, a year early because his birthday is one day past the cut off date.  The final part of testing was an IQ test.  The day of the test he decided forthrightly not to participate, not even a little, not at all.  Those of you who know Kody - know that this boy makes up his own mind.  Suffice to say his scores were not in the percentile they needed to be and therefore he was ineligible for early enrollment.

I contacted the school about putting him in the Pre-K program.  Note: Our district Pre-K program is phenomenal, I can't say enough good things.  After reviewing his file - I was called back with this report.  "Based on looking at his Kindergarten assessment [stage 1 testing],  I am sure you know Dakota did very well.  In fact he knew everything he was tested on.  At his current ability he would likely be able to pass Kindergarten.  Due to this, he would not qualify for our Pre-K program."  Now keep in mind that this is the same woman who just yesterday called and told me based on his last set of testing would not qualify for Kindergarten.  Crazy how he is too dumb for Kindergarten but too smart for Pre-K.  Does it not seem crazy to anyone else that I have a child who could pass Kindergarten requirements today as is, but due to one test cannot go.

So all that I keep chanting in my head is, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths."  Because this was something that had been turned over to much prayer and fasting as to how things would turn out,  I need to trust that he is directing our path and be at peace.

Note: (8/20/12) Shortly after this post, I got a return call telling me the decision would ultimately be mine.  Please note that there were many more details that I spared you, but ultimately love that the call was placed in my hands.  And we have decided to send Dakota to Kindergarten this year, 2012-13. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

You Always Do the Funnest and Craziest Things

This is what a friend of mine said when I explained to her that I would spend the upcoming extended weekend on Pioneer Trek.  Of course what she originally said was, "What is Pioneer Trek?"  So I gave her a little briefing which consisted of, originally the east coast was settled by those English escaping tyranny.  While some were content to stay there, others headed west either for land, gold, or to escape religious persecution, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints aka Mormons were the bulk of that last group.  As we headed west it was under the strain of threats to life, property, and family.  So it was that the trek was made usually in poverty or next to poverty, in less than stellar traveling conditions, and with groups that traveled together known as Handcart Companies.  For more detail on this historical part, read here.

So what I was doing was reenactting this bit of history with the youth from all around this area.  Our church opens this experience up every four years to the youth ages 14-18.  They are then divided into pseudo families for the week, with handpicked "Ma and Pa's".  Adult members of our congregation who, when asked, willingly give up modern comforts and conveniences to teach the youth appreciation and respect for their Pioneer Heritage.  It is a very physically exhausting and emotionally intense weekend.  Both lead to great bonding oppurtunities and huge leaps of growth and maturity, even if temporary, of the youth.

Well Travis and I were asked to be Ma and Pa of a family. We had 12 children who also dressed in their period clothes wearing them for two days at a time, with no bathing, and making their own shelters at night and cooking their meals over a fire. Although now we do it so that no one is starving, freezing to death or generally in grave danger of anything. And we keep a doctor on sight for any health concerns. We then learn skills like: candle making, bull whipping, milking cows, pioneer games, rope making, ice cream making, get the point. And although I had done a Pioneer Trek when I was younger, doing it as an adult was so much more rewarding. Below is the picture diary of my family, the best family of course, and our experiences. 
Waiting to get our family assignments
Building our Handcart
the bag of flour wrapped in a blanket, center,
is our sick baby which someone had to hold the entire time

Getting Clean/Washing Hair 
Our Pioneer Family 2012 - The Fighting Whitings'