Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude

Let's Do This:  (all at once)

1.  My hubster - My life has totally changed to a whole new destination since meeting him.
2.  Four beautiful, healthy, happy, mostly obedient children - who are witty and funny as all get out.
3.  Pandora - frivolous yes, but I use it most everyday.
4.  For a sure knowledge of God and his plan - it's the only thing that kept me going through three hours of church today with four very sleepy and whiny children.
5.  Friends (I need 'em, not tons but some good quality ones, ones who make me laugh)
6.  A steady source of income, a business risk that pays off, and that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder
7.  Indoor plumbing...let's be honest if I didn't have this, I'd be the girl in the woods doing my business not the outhouse - those things are creepy and gross
8.  The chance that it may snow this week
9.  Every parent who has punished their child even though they didn't want to, because they knew it was in the best interest of their child
10.  For teachers, leaders, and those who inspire
11.  Books, ebooks, and journals
12.  Netflix where you can opt in our out each month depending on the weather and need
13.  My shoe collection (oh let's be honest, my clothes aren't shabby either)
14.  The gym - my home away from home, second family, and only thing keeping me alive and sane
15.  Ebet, I miss her tons
16.  Home, it may look like a bachelor pad with its sparse, eclectic, and well worn decorating style but it's all mine
17.  For the book I will one day write
18.  My cell phone
19.  Internet on my phone which helps me look up every little thing that I want to know
20.  Toy Catalogs that come around Christmas time offering me ideas galore
21.  Indoor Heating and A/C
22.  Cars - my foray into driving a buggy was experience enough for me
23.  My Piano, that I know how to play it and that I have one
24.  Water bottles
25.  Grocery Stores, buying in bulk
26.  That November has 30 not 31 days (bottom of the barrel stuff here :)
27.  For holidays, for how people change during them for the better
28.  Freedom - religious and otherwise
29.  Temples and Eternal Families
30.  My King Size Bed and Awesome Down Comforter - peace out, it's sleepy time and I need it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

October to Christmas in the Blink of an Eye

October is done.  I don't have many memories of it.  Life is cruising by me but in the most blissfully happy way mostly, so I can't complain.  I have to look at my camera to remember what I have done.  Good thing I am a picture junkie.

In retrospect...
 halloween party with friends - theme reality tv stars (Bret Michael and superfulous ho)
 school halloween parties with wyatt (above) and kody (below)
 surprising Issac's teacher for her birthday (The Big 4-0)
Farm Show
 School field trip to Farm Show
Wood Carver lighting the bench on fire to get fur coloring
 Our once a year Fundraiser - Race for Education
 A visit to Dutch Wonderland with the family
 Fun Run - all schools in the district compete to boast highest number of runners participating
 OMEGA field trip with Bella
Downtown Lancaster dates with the two younger boys
while Wyatt is in Karate and Bella at Fulton for acting class