Thursday, July 30, 2015

I'm Going There Today

We love the temple, not just because it is the place we got married, or because it is the most sacred place around, but because it is the place where we became bound together, forever as an eternal family. 

Because of that, every major event we try to celebrate by going to the temple.  And if we are going all the way to DC why not make a date out of it.  I still think my husband is the best, sexiest man alive.

Love him...oh and yummy food too!  ;)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Perfectly Pennsylvania Summers

 Hiking whenever you can...
 Picking raspberries and making jam...
 and pie...
 cold rootbeer floats on hot days...
 outdoor runs and stadium workouts...
 picking strawberries and making jam...
 summer storms rolling in....
 red beets (from the garden) and eggs....
 cleaning the mini-park...
and flowers from the garden.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Girls' Camp - Holla'

Girls' Camp or more technically called "Young Women's Camp"
is the greatest adventure and most fun, I ever had in my youth
with my friends.
For one week each year from age 12-17, I attended.
We learned about the great outdoors,
grew our testimonies in Jesus Christ and
played hard.
Now my girls are old enough to be going.
It's a crazy, blow my mind kind of experience.
But I love that they are having this same great opportunity.
And I hope that they are learning the same things, even more.
Building the same skills, even better.
Having the same fun - I don't think that's possible. 
And in spite of the crazy weather,
falling trees and mild teenage girl drama...
I hope they always remember to keep their eye on the temple.
Shine their light and be a beacon to the world,
of goodness, of purity and virtue. 
Thanks you to every leader on the ward and stake level,
who dedicate your time and energy.
I hope you know how much you do really matters.
Lots of Love,
Me (and my girls)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Time and the Living is Easy

I can't be bothered to catch up on end of school year madness.
Just to much fun and crazy time and pictures.
But events included 2nd grade basketball tournament club,
lots of circus club performances,
class parties and end of year assembly.
All good, but we're to summer and I'm in the easy frame of mind.
My days are crazy busy, but with more of this type of stuff.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Concert Time - It's Her First

Bella loves Lindsey Stirling, like madly. 
So as a reward and because we love her,
we got her tickets to go see her when she came to Stroudsburg.
It was a standing room only venue with no placement.
First come, first serve.
People came way early, but people are kind.
So seeing itty, bitty Bella - they let her all the way to the front with me too.
So there we were in the second row of people.
So close, closest I've ever been to stage.
Bella was beyond happy. 
So happy, I felt all tearful just being able to watch it.
And the concert, despite my initial worries was A-maze-balls.
Very entertaining.
And we were sad when it was over.
But it was a perfect first concert experience for Bella.
Sigh...happy moments!!!