Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First of the Season

it will come as no surprise to some of you that this fair skinned, freckled irish girl burns in the sun. see above picture for a quick reference. well today in all of its glory and splendor i hit up roots, my favorite local market, and the trampoline for some well deserved rest and relaxation while the kids were napping. the later done with a book and sure enough i got my first burn of the season my cheeks and about an inch of skin on both my back and stomach are burned. not the severe hurting kind, but more the ouch i feel that kind. i love the sun and this weather.
i'm in heaven. but now comes the time for my favorite summer time pal sunblock.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Rather Annoyed

This is all my fault - I know this, but I am still rather annoyed.

I took to knitting this past fall for an enrichment activity. Embarked on making a antique white chenille scarf for my anticipated black wool coat,
which I got for Christmas,
finished the skein of yarn to realize I need another one for it to be long enough to wear.

Head back to the store to buy another one and they
don't have it, neither does AC Moore.
What do I do now? It's been sitting on my desk for over a month waiting for a solution.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well Lancaster County living has come with some unexpected surprises. Amish people no surprise, yummy food no surprise, Roots being fabulous no surprise. Earthquakes a surprise, tornados, a bit of a surprise. Today as I sat watching tv I saw a tornado warning for York County. But black started rolling in here at our house.

I went outside to see funnel clouds starting to drop from the sky and I knew for real we were going to have a tornado. Then the hail came in huge chunks covering the whole ground, then melting as fast as it had come because it was still warm out. Then the funnel clouds sucked back up, regurlar rain came, and the river flowed through the backyard.

And yes we took the mat off the tramp in the hail storm because it has been known to take flight and we would rather not have to pay a homeowner's claim for our traveling tramp. Took the wind right out of its sails. But we survived. Thanks for the ward members who gave us warning calls that the tornado was coming. I feel so loved by your concern.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Culprit

This car. On my way to take Bella to ballet class this morning with Travis already gone to clean the church with the boys I found the car wouldn't start. Praying for it to be a dead battery although skeptical I pushed it out of the garage to the driveway and got my neighbor to give me a jump and then a ride to ballet.

Alas it was no dead battery. Crap! Silver lining in this cloud my husband is sort of handy. He has taken apart the starter and is running to get a new one from the car parts store. I am praying this fixes it. Fingers crossed, voodoo promises made to Heavenly Father, "Secreting" its start.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Waiting On You

WARNING: This is long.

I have this book called "What Animal Are You?". I love it and find it to be a pretty entertaining small gathering kind of conversation booster. Basically you take a quiz and based on your responses you are best paired with an animal in the animal kingdom and then told about the dominant traits both you and it possess. Although mostly comical and silly I find it to be quite accurate when taken by one who knows himself well.

There is a question near the end that always creates quite a stir among the answering individuals. It goes like this:
Which of the following is most important for every child to know?
a. Our imagination is like baby powder: You may not need it to live, but if feels really good when you put it on.
b. You have to be willing to defend yourself if trouble comes your way.
c. Stuffed animals are fun to cuddle with but sometimes you should put them in the washing machine.
d. You should try to cultivate a group of friends to spend time with.
e. More than anything, you should always act according to your best interests.
f. Never let yourself become lazy.
Something about a legacy with your children sparks passion in the testing individuals.

Travis and I have both taken this quiz and were surprised when we both answered this question similarly without much doubt. Any guesses to what we both felt passionately about. Well the answer lies in option f. Often our friends are horrified at that being our lasting lesson to our children but our minds remain unchanged. And so it is we have our kids age 1,3,5, and 7 working hard. Travis believes kids are like a free work force. I'm not quite there but I truly believe in the value of hard work and learning to work. So all the kids have daily chores, weekly chores, and are expected to help out on anything they are asked to do. They unload, and load the dishwasher, empty the trash, put away their own folded laundry, make their beds, clear their plates and silverware after every meal, clean their rooms, dust, vacuum, etc...Really if they are physically able they are probably doing it.

I honestly feel blessed and lucky to have such obedient and willing participants in my parenting experiment in my kids. They are amazing and astound me. Especially Kody who at eighteen months lately has become obsessed with helping and always puts away his own plate. But yesterday I was downright floored by these boys.
My mom recently had back surgery and so I have been going over to York most days first thing in the morning and coming back in time to pick Bella up from the bus stop. We leave our house shortly after 8 when the boys wake up. Each morning I have packed them a bag with cereal to eat on the way over, toast with their preferred topping, or some other kind of breakfast on the go food. Yesterday I didn't have to pick Bella up from the bus stop and so was not feeling quite as rushed. After she left for school at 7:15 instead of scurrying around to get ready I jumped back in bed to relax knowing I had more time to spend at my mom's house in the afternoon.

At a couple of minutes after 8 the boys walked into my room. Apparently I had dozed off. They were up, dressed, beds made, Wyatt had prepared cereal bags, Issac had gotten Kody out of the crib and undressed from his pajamas and started on redressing him, Wyatt had helped Issac get his shoes and socks on. There stood Wyatt and Issac totally ready telling me that the baby wouldn't cooperate any longer but was close to ready. "We're ready and waiting on you" were the words Wyatt said as he entered my room. They had done everything they could, more than their share, and willingly.

(f) may not be a popular choice but it pays itself off in its parenting dividends. In that moment my heart was filled with joy because these kids were being the kind of people I really want them to be when they become older. Always willing to help, proactive in their approach toward life, and hard working. I count myself very lucky to have such amazing kids.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Potato / Patoto

Mom's back surgery was a success and each day she is exponentially healing. Her back scar is about six inches long with eighteen staples and a ton of bruising. Today for the first time both Wyatt and Issac were able to see it.
Issac's reation - whoa
Wyatt's reaction - wow that is so cool and a little scary
My reaction (the first time I saw it) - Eeks that is really scary and a little cool.

I think that boys enjoy the grizzliness just a little more. It's all about perspective.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Peeing: It Isn't A Joke

I never thought I'd be quite so grateful that I can pee when I want on command. Oh sure there had been that first time I was pregnant at the doctors office and couldn't go but a few drops and diluted it with water so they could do the pregnancy test but that was one of my more shameful experiences. Since then the task of peeing seems easy often annoying at times.

Yesterday I went to pick my mother up from the hospital to come home already a day later than expected and all that stood in the way of her coming home was one successful sit upon the porcelain throne. Well between the cocktail of pain meds dehydrating her system and her medicine induced practically comatose state preventing her from drinking oppurtunities she just couldn't produce the neccessary evidence to prove she could come home.

But this morning the call has come from her. She is ready to come home and I am thanking my lucky stars she finally peed and that I can pee without all this hulabaloo and just feeling grateful that I still have a healthy body intact functioning as it should without any major intervention.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I Now Pronounce You...

Setting: Wyatt's big thing right now is Tom and Jerry.

Wyatt: Mom do cats and dogs sometimes get married.
Me: Um no.
Wyatt: Why not?
Me: (going for a temple plug) Because we get married in the temple and cats and dogs aren't allowed in the temple.
Wyatt: So cats can't get married?
Me: Yup.
Wyatt: (truly heartbroken) But what about Tom?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seven Days Straight

It's some kind of record I know. I'm feeling all officious about this whole blog thing I guess. But a few quick updates before I go MIA for a while.

First the birthday enrichment was a success if you ask me. I have heard great feedback and many regretful people who couldn't be there have told me how great they heard it was. Maybe eventually I'll post pictures. Probably not though. Thanks to all who helped out and my fantastic committee. I had fun and I know that doesn't neccesarily say much because that is pretty easy for me but I think others had a good time too. Any ideas for our summer enrichment are greatly appreciated.

Next I'm going to be at my mom's house for the next few days. She had another back surgery. Ouch. She didn't really tell that many people about it so, my siblings, if this is news to you consider yourselves informed. And starting tonight she'd probably appreciate calls to see how she is doing since she is going to be laid up for the next week. If you need me call Mom's phone or my cell, but only under dire duress my cell.

Lastly...tomorrow is the first day of Spring. And thanks to my fabulous friend, Amber, and her husband who have such a knack for finding free stuff I heard Rita's does a free italian ice or something so go pig out. As someone who has never had one and hears about them constantly I'm psyched. Happy Spring everyone. Pollen is in the air and I'm loving it.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ka Ka Ka Kody

This week started with a trip to the doctor's office. Not my favorite task to do while toting three boys but it was neccessary. It wasn't anything serious just his standard 18 month appointment. All was going just fine until the nurse walked in. They are a smaller office and only have one nurse. He took one look at her and no lie remembered three months ago to when he got shots and just started crying. She said incredulously, "He remembers me." And this is my Kody. He is most definitely the cutest redhead in the world. His favorite things in the world are laying in the spare bed in his room and me reading to him by himself and the bathtub. I have countless great bathtub shots of this kid. He weighed in at 24 lbs. 6 oz. putting him in the 30% for his weight which is where he was at 15 months, his head was 48.5 cm which kept him also at the 75% from last time. But in these three months he did not grow at all, not even 1/4 of an inch. So he stayed at 31 inches and went from being in the 45% to the 18%. Apparently Travis and my genes have gotten a hold of him after all. Kody has the best blue eyes and is really getting better at talking each day. He is just barely leaving the clingy stage but in strange places and around strange people he becomes monkey baby clinging to Travis or me for dear life. The only exception to this appears to be nursery. We drop him off and stay for a minute or so and then he is ready for us to walk out.
Perhaps the best part about Kody is the stage he is in. He is very clever and smart but he is learning to be silly and play jokes. He tries to do things that make Travis and I laugh and often times he has great success. The other day as he pulled things out I found this mess. Upon seeing my not too enthused face he put the container on his head and started laughing. Of course I started laughing and he took it off and showed me this big grin to say see this is funny. His one sock on one sock off look is getting more common as he doesn't seem to care either way. He's more mellow like Travis and Wyatt. In the mornings often times I enter his room to see him partially naked. Almost always his shirt is off and thrown out of the crib and his onesie he has managed to slide over his shoulder and is hanging around his waist. Only once have his pants been removed and I am just lucky enough that he has not attempted to take his own diaper off yet that I know of anyway.
The only downside to Kody is that he can be quite jealous sometimes. If Issac is sitting in my lap he will come over and try to push him out to stake his claim on his territory. Most of the time he won't even sit there afterwards of if he does it is just for a moment. But on the flip side him and Issac are becoming fast friends and often play with one another over everyone else. Yesterday at the doctor's office she was going over 18 month old behaviors. She said they don't share. They just don't grasp the concept don't fight him on it yet. I thought okay whatever crazy lady. And this morning I smiled happily and knowingly at breakfast when Issac and Kody both wanted the same piece of cereal and Kody got it first and Issac started to cry. Kody looked at that piece of cereal, walked across the bench, and put it in Issac's bowl. That's sharing for you lady, he may not be perfect at it, but what child is at any age. Quite positively I love this kid and all my kids. They are perfect to me.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Our friends had decided they were going to throw a St. Patricks Day Party. The lovely host and hostess. And let me tell you, you have never seen a dry party so crazy as this one.Both the women and men joined in Irish dancing as well as the kids. Our fearless leader Panda even helped us to choregraph a Riverdanceish number. The men were dancing leprachauns but way more fun to watch.Our own little Irish lad, Kody eatting all the green food. Panda being a bit of a health nut wanted green foods and thought all natural with edamame. While the rest of us just dyed the heck out of sugar filled non nutricious snacks. All of it was yummy.
Here are the boys and their exuberient dancing. The girls number I had was long and not worth downloading. But see Panda's blog for more clips. The party was a whopping success. Thanks again.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Short Order Chef

When you see the women who have ten+ kids
they always seem to be skinny. After having just eight kids
for the night I realize why.
There is no time to eat when you are feeding that many.
No eatting = No calories = No weight.
My new weight loss stradegy, Don't Eat.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Birthday Breakdown

Bella's birthday was quite an affair. It started with her cousins coming Friday afternoon for a birthday sleepover. We ate dinner and got everyone geared up to go to Bella's school family fun night which was fun but a little more crazy with eight kids versus our four. Then on the way home we got a movie to relax to. Bella picked Beverly Hills Chihuahua (sp?) which I wouldn't recommend to a single human being but the kids still laughed and enjoyed it or at least they loved pretending to shoot the dogs on the tv. Boys will be boys I suppose.
The next morning we started off with the gifts from her cousins which delighted her. Earrings, rings, lip gloss, and fingernail polish. She was in girly heaven and this smile was the one that stayed on her face for the bulk of the day.
Posing with Bethanee she shows off her loot. Purple the new pink making it her new favorite color, well relatively new anyway. I don't know if they knew but it worked out quite well.
We opened other presents that came in the mail, thanks Aunt Lacey, and look at the new and improved packing peanuts. They are like puzzle pieces and the kids spent the next twenty minutes piecing them together in different ways.
Bella and I headed to Wal-Mart to let her pick her gift from Travis and I, this is a tradition that we will no longer do with her but that is another story for another day. Anyway we opened the last of the presents she had gotten from friends and family so she wouldn't pick any duplicates. Tinkerbell underwear being her first pick for a present.
She asked for a rainbow or star cake. I considered myself lucky that I didn't have to do a tinkerbell one. But procrastinated the project all day due to the easy nature and so in the end had a mediocre cake but she was thrilled. I think she just loves lots of colored frosting.
Blowing out the candles is always a favorite tradition because she truly believes her wish's fate is sealed. I love that kind of hopeful innocence. And then we pigged out. It was a great day. Later that night I put the boys in bed and had a little one on one time with her to end the day. Man she's great.
Tomorrow I need only bake twenty some odd cupcakes to take into her class. I am going baking bonkers. Don't get me wrong I love to bake, but these past few weeks have been a new record. And honestly my hips are further proof of all the baked goods coming in and out of our house. You gotta taste it all, right?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bella's Birthday

It wasn't until I took this picture that I realized how big Bella is getting. This isn't the face of a little girl anymore. I guess a mother's life is composed of moments like these. Time continues evenly but is only noticed enough to be caught off gaurd in one singular moment. I can see in this face the face of my teenage daughter. She has such distinct features now and is loosing the chubby oval face of her toddler years. She has these amazing cheekbones from her father and the most spectacular brown eyes that twinkle over her every little excitement. The smile spreading over her face will someday be over some boy instead of jewelry and stick on earrings. She is at that age where so many girls are leaving their childhood behind and grasping at their preteen years already. But I, I am lucky enough to have this girl who is in no rush to grow up.

This year's birthday wishes include older girl things like makeup, a watch, jewelry, and stuff for dance class, but still largely remains imbued with all things little girl oriented like tinkerbell paraphernalia. She believes fairies are real and that she should be one because they are the only people as happy as she is. She is right. She has a happiness about her often unreplicated. She loves to laugh and her laugh is so maniacal I can't help but laugh when I hear it. She already has such a deep love for her family and Heavenly Father that sometimes I am astounded by the maturity she possesses. She is the perfect combination of innocence and adulthood. And because of this she is my best friend despite the age gap and familial relationship. Happy Birthday Belba doo. I love you so much.

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Know...But...

Most of the time I think I know myself pretty well. It isn't real often that I am taken off gaurd by what others have to say about me. I know that I can be really particular at times about how things should be. And this is just another way of saying I am really anal or a control freak and I've heard all of these terms none of which bothered me. I actually feel pretty self satisfied at hearing these things. But something happened the other day that totally took me by surprise. Most days Bella packs a lunch for school which is to say I pack a lunch for her. And I typically do it the night before because I hate mornings and the thought of doing even just one extra task that need not be done is motivation enough for me to have everything planned ahead of time. Well this particular night Bella is already asleep in bed and I think oh I'll throw a note in her lunch telling her how special she is...it'll make her day. So I grabbed her favorite note pad to write her a special note. By the next afternoon I had totally forgotten about this small gesture. But when Bella came home from school all smiles I was curious so I asked "what are you all happy about?" "You" came the reply. "Really what'd I do?" "I loved the note you put in my lunch box." I start to smile feeling quite good that such a small thing has produced such a intense reaction. But before my joy spreads too far she gets a very serious look on her face and says "But Mom you did not ask to use my notepad." What do I say to this? It's true I hadn't. But really...

So when Travis gets home from work Bella tells him how I put a note in her lunch. And I continue to tell him the second part about how she seriously chastised me for not asking permission to use her notepad. He bursts into laughter. I say what is so funny? And he says like mother like daughter. Ouch that one stung a little. Not that it was his intention. I guess I just never realized that in all my control freak, rule abiding, order having ways that I was potentially ruining other people's small moments of joy or that I was killing their kind deeds with my exactness for details. I guess I just learned a new thing about myself. Learning lasts a lifetime I suppose.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do Not Touch X 3

Kody is getting to the age where curiosity rules and so I am in a constant battle with him. A battle implies adversaries facing one another and for the first time in his life perhaps we are that. Not so vicious with all the ill intent but more that we are both set on having it our way. I am bombarded nonstop as I walk through my house with images of places he has been as evidenced by his "calling card" of mess and chaos.

I'll walk by a bathroom to see a total roll of toilet paper undone. Past a cupboard to see all the pots and pans removed. Through my kitchen to see the pantry unshelved. To the dishwasher to get clean dishes to find that the cycle has been cancelled by some small child's unknowing fingers. I wonder who it could be. Not really I have a pretty good idea and I am always saying to him "Kody, do not touch."

Well today I turn around from cleaning the kitchen and the morning dishes to find this stealthy little creature unearthing the pantry once more. We have reached some sort of compromise as now he does it quietly and somewhat tidily (is this a word?) where he used to just sweep things off the shelves he now sets them neatly on the floor. He's feeling quite pleased with himself. And this being perhaps the eighth mess of the day and having said "Kody, do not touch" more times than I care to this time I say, "Kody, do not touch, do not touch, do not touch." Each time my voice rising in emphasis to get just a bit more of the crazed psychotic sound that may scare him off. Instead he turns to me laughing and says "do not touch" in a baby babble of repitition of sounds more than actual words.

I am floored that he has learned this phrase, thinks it is funny, and has used it back at me to mock my tone. Touche little one. You have won the battle, but I will win the war. We meet another day to do battle once more. I love you little man.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh Beautiful For Spacious Skies

Yesterday was beautiful. The weather lately phenominal. Warm and breezy. I was excited to take the boys to the park and play outside all day. But then Bella's school called. She was sick with a fever and other things. So our plans were a little ruined and this is what the inside of our house looked like. Bella flushed with fever laying in a limp pile on the couch. At least the boys and I played on our tramp in the backyard.
And today is just a repeat. Poor girl. I didn't even set my alarm last night knowing she would be dead to the world and she is. On the upside daylight savings has our whole family me included sleeping in to 9 - 9:30. Hooray. I love to sleep and it's good for Bella's sickness too.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Daylight Savings Kicked My Butt

It's true. I have been waiting for DLS for two weeks. I have been doing a mental countdown. Most people don't care but my kids have been waking up earlier and earlier with the light. And as a person who loves sleeping in and prides herself on kids who reasonably sleep in this slow creep of waking earlier each morning that my boys have been doing was making me frenzied with anticipation for this weekend. I must have told at least a half a dozen people about it this week each time getting merrier and merrier in my wisdom that soon I would be sleeping back in till almost nine.

So it came as a jolting suprise when this morning after getting the bulk of the kids ready for church and fed and Wyatt wanted to play on the computer until it was time to go to church that I booted it up to see it was 9:58, thirteen minutes past the time we normally leave for church. And there I sat in my pj's in a mild state of panic. It took less than a milisecond for it all to kick in and me realize my most daft mistake of not changing the clocks. I ran up the stairs dressing in clothes and flip flops, hair in a pigtail, no makeup (all natural glow) and I ran out the door to pick up a woman we take to church while Travis finished the shoe and sock routine with the kids and packed a church lunch for Issac (10:30 - 1:30 is not the most conducive church time for small kids).

We both raced to church me praying to get there before the sacrament as the lady we take informed me of how heart broken she would be if she didn't. I sped like crazy and got there during the opening hymn feeling pretty self satisfied only to realize that Travis wasn't doing so well battling the kids apparently and hadn't arrived yet. After the sacrament I went out to the hall to find him and the kids. They had missed the bread and therefore didn't take the water. Both the kids and him were a little disappointed which broke my heart. Perhaps I should have tackled the kids and left him to pick up our friend. I want to say that I am a quick study and that from this mistake I'll learn my lesson and it will never happen again, but I'm not sure I believe that. Because if we continue to have DLS, that's two times a year for the rest of my life maybe 50 or so years. That's at least a hundred times and quite frankly I'm bound to mess it up again. But I hated it and I'll fight it.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

While Dad's Away

Travis was camping with the Boy Scouts once again. No skin off my back because me and the kids get crazy. Last night in celebration of Read Across America week we had Green Eggs and Sausage. I didn't have ham okay. With some twelve grain toast. Yum, my favorite. And pretty much the only kind of bread I am eatting since giving up white bread for Lent.

For dessert we gobbled down some raspberry popscicles we made. They were super good and less than five calories, thanks Crystal Light. And last we went to Red box and got a movie. Madagascar 2 proved to be a new favorite for my kids and they laughed and danced their way through it. I can't wait for Travis to get home so we can let him watch it with the kids to see how much they love it. Their joy is our joy. Life is good.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Daddy Daughter Doughnut Day

This week is Read Across America Week. As well as having crazy dress up days, Dr. Suess style, they had parent activities. Mom's and Dad's could come read to their kids before school starts and eat treats. First two days of the week for Moms and the second two for Dads. But...Mom's got muffins and Dad's got doughnuts. I don't know if it is just the alliteration or if they think Mom's really prefer muffins. Can I be a dad and get a doughnut? They are on different days after all. Regardless this was one activity I didn't want to swing. Waking up all the kids just to got to school at 7:10 to read to Bella and eat muffins didn't seems worth it especially when I want a doughnut and I read to Bella or she reads to me most days. But Travis being the rock star superhero of our house went in this morning with Bella. I love this man. I wish I could have been there just to catch a picture but I guess this one will have to do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mini Moments of Love

I don't know what has happened but since the New Year started I have loved being a mom even more than I previously did. Maybe because the kids are getting older and require less help, care, etc... But the moments that melt my heart are the little ones that I never even noticed before. It is the times when Wyatt is good during story time at the library and so I ask him what he wants as a reward and he picks extra one on one time with me. And when Issac is sitting in my lap and unexpectedly grabs my checks squeezing and says, "Mom, I love you." When during family scripture time at night I end up with four kids piled in my lap, beside me, or vying for any additional inch of space that is close to me. It is the moments when we are playing as a family like in this clip and I realize that these kids are the best. It is when Bella sticks up for Issac being "wronged" by Wyatt and lays him flat out. Maybe it's not what I would have done but there is something in our family that is so tangible and that's LOVE. Being loved and loving others no matter how you choose to do it is a gift and I am being bombarded by them constantly and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Boys Melt My Heart...

So yesterday I am going to a meeting with Wyatt in tow. He is excited for his one on one time. We pass through the square in Manheim. Manheim is small I get this. And Wyatt goes, "Mom, I just love our village square." Issac on Sunday night we are having a little talk about why he won't go to his Sunbeams class on Sundays.
Issac: I just want to be with you.
Me: Why?
Issac: Mom you are my favorite friend. I love you.

I feel just like chocolate on a blistering hot day.

On to the older men: The Bachelor - all I can say is how uncool. I wish Molly would have kicked him to the curb. I wouldn't have given him the time of day.

Monday, March 2, 2009

"I Hate Sunday" Parade

This post may be offensive; for once I'm not sure I care.

Yesterday as I got ready for church I was pretty excited. I was fasting and praying for something in particular and I was really working on getting myself spiritually prepared to feast upon the words and spirit that would be present.

Shortly after the meeting started three young men came in and sat in the row directly in front of us. Right away I recognized them as investigators all on their own no missionaries in tow. I immediately put my kids on even more strict Sunday behavior so that the men would have the opportunity to hear the words and feel the spirit too.

Part of me wanted to bare my testimony for these unknown men but not being moved upon by the spirit I remained seated. Bella asked to bare her's and I counseled her with the advice that we have received that it should be done when moved upon by the spirit. And so if the spirit was telling her too and it wasn't just her wanting to get up than that was her choice. She ended up going. Her testimony was brief. And several others bore a brief and meaningful testimony.

And then it started, the parade of "I hate Sunday" speeches because I don't know that testimonies were born or if they were that wasn't the primary message received. It started with one mom's whoa's of getting kids ready for church and hating Sundays. I can't help wonder what is so hard about getting kids ready. It's not like our church starts at 8. It starts at 10:30. Most people leave their house around 10. So do they typically not have their kids dressed and ready and playing by 10 on other days. But I digress. And then another mom followed suit, then another, an older women who got up and said she remembered those days and that the "I hate Sunday" club has been around for a long time. Of course I cringed hearing these words from a potential investigators viewpoint. But I digress again...because this blog is about me, my family, my life...

So here is why I love Sundays:
* I have fewer commitments and obligations on this day than any other day of the week so it really is a day of rest.
* I love church, going to church, and people at church.
* I love learning new things, hearing people's opinions, and often feeling the spirit very stongly.
* I love taking the sacrament and renewing my covenants with Heavenly Father.
* And Sunday is the day my husband helps get all the kids ready easing what is typically a task I do on my own every other day.
* And lastly when church is over and naptimes complete I have a whole evening of nothing planned but playing with my kids and usually making yummy treats.

Call me crazy but Sunday just might be in the running for my favorite day of the week.