Friday, August 29, 2008

Funny: He He

This is a funny email I got. Thought I'd share the joy.

They cut off the end which is "...over to Oak Street and you can pick her up there." My only question is doesn't this man live on this street, I guess that's why it is funny. Oh and the warthog, and the dragging, I guess it's funny for several reasons.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today I Took My Watch Off

There is a really good potty training video that Travis and I like to show the kids when they are on the cusp of potty training. It's cute and informative and has lots of little songs. Anyway the one song goes "today I took my diaper off, I never felt so free". And in my head all day the lyrics to that song have been playing over and over in rapid succession with the slight replacement of watch instead of diaper.

For most of you I am sure that this is ridiculous and as I put my thoughts into word I know that I am a crazy person. This is not my first time recognizing this either. But here's the thing. I live by my watch. Since the dawning of time or at least my childhood where I could tell time I have always worn a watch. I live to be on time, hate being late and people who are late, hate not knowing what time it is.

From the moment my children have been born I put them on a schedule. Loosely at first but always tracking their eatting, feeding, pooping, etc...And within the week I have a refined schedule I then stick to. A friend was a little aghast to find out that my soon to be one year old son eats at 8:30, 12:30, 4:30, and 8:30 everyday. More on that story tomorrow if time permits.

Anyway I have an all sports waterproof watch. Travis got us matching ones for Valentine's Day the first year we were married. He knew my love for watches. The band has been breaking and wearing out and I have been wearing it less and less, settling for watchless showers and the likes. This past week at the beach I agonized over the decision to just take another watch and remove it while swimming. I caved in and did that. The first day was good. The second was okay, but then I realized that Peter's watch was waterproof and that I wouldn't need worry about lose, theft, or sand destruction of my watch if I just left it at home. So I did. And a week without a watch on for a couple of hours a day was revolutional for me.

I got home and it has been a hard adjustment. I find myself taking my watch off at nights now, for sports, and just because I can. So today I pushed my neurosis and tried to not wear it all day just to see how that would go. Well the song is skipping like a stuck CD over and over in my head "today I took my watch off, I never felt so free", but otherwise I feel good. I realized that every room in our house has no less than two time pieces with some rooms having dramtically more. I can always see those to clue me in. And the times I left the house the car clock worked marvelously, and playing at the park was more about fun than what I still had left to do at home since I had no indication of how long we had been there. It may not be a huge step, but it is a step towards recovery nonetheless.

Hello, my name is Mary and I am addicted to the time. The first step is admitting you have a problem I guess.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Highlights from my Monday

This is Bella returning home from her first day of school. And at the beach last week I showed the kids how I could throw food, grapes even, in the air and catch them in my mouth. Here is Issac's attempt. Oh young kids, gotta love 'em.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beach Pictures

Not neccesarily in any order here is our week at the beach summed up in a few pictures out of over 300 and a short video clip.
The community pool for our beach house. In the afternoon after naps this is where we headed.
Kite flying one evening. I love one dollar kites.
Peter and his cute little family.
Races: this is me with the kids. I gave them half the distance head start.
Bella, Wyatt, and Kylie buried to their heads in sand.
Kody just happy and chillin'. The camera was on the wrong setting, but I like the picture anyway.

This was the night we got there. Too late for a swim so we went to the beach and boardwalk after dinner. This is the moon on the ocean. It had a magical feel and I just knew it would be an awesome week. Which it was.
The kids playing in the sand. The water was pretty intimidating.
Wyatt our bravest ocean farer trying out his surfing luck.
Our cute family. I love my kids.
The one night a new weather system had blown in making for super choppy water for just one day, but when we arrived at the beach there was a mini cliff 3 plus feet in some areas where the water was pounding. This picture does no justice.

Me having fun just like when I was a kid, minus the leaner body. It was wonderful not to be an adult for minutes and hours at a time on this vacation and just be silly. I love the beach. When I grow up I want to be a beach bum.

Friday, August 15, 2008

US Womens Gymnastic Team

Call me silly, but every Olympic year I cry. Almost always while watching gymnastics. Not full out bawling or anything, but a tear or two of shared joy or pure sorrow as with the case of Alicia Sacramone this year. It continued as last night Nastia Liukin took gold and Shawn Johnson took silver in an unprecedanted first. Although the thought that neither of these girls is over 100 lbs or 5'2'' is crazy, they are a fountain of physical strength and I am green with envy. Good job girls and team USA.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Vacation Planning

I am so excited to go to the beach. I have always been a beach bum at heart. Although going with four kids is a little different I still love it just as much. The thing with the beach now that is most different is all the planning. I have to pack sheets and pillowcases for everyone, beach towels and bathing towels, and clothes galore. We haven't even gotten into the entertainment factor stuff like kites, sand toys, and coloring books, etc... for down time.

And I needed more diapers, wipes, swimmers. So yesterday I headed to Costco and spent $110. Yeah that covered two sets of diapers, one size 5, one size 3, one box of wipes, and one package of swimmers. That is when Travis and I decided time to potty train Issac. This is the last pack of diapers. And we are serious this time. Maybe?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Lover (I Wish)

Many of you who know me know that I have a somewhat substantial crush on Matthew McCounghey. My claim to fame is an autographed portrait of him. Anyway thanks to Elizabeth here is his most recent media debut. Look at link before continuing.

Now my defense here is that yes he is weird, but totally sexy. I am not looking for a lifetime love or soulmate as I already have one of those. I am just looking for raw and potentially fun and whamo, you have Matthew. And placenta is indeed very nutrient filled. And if you plant it below a tree who knows, it may start budding tiny babies. Okay so not really, but it is in all good conditioner so there. I lust him. What can I say?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Missed Oppurtunity

I am so sad it hurts a bit. Today I talked to a friend. She works for a publishing company. She knows I have been wanting to get back into that type of thing. I have started freelance writing a bit. But can't find much to do while staying home. Anyway she is moving and so she needs to hire someone to fill her position. She called me up and basically offered me the job. Although it is great and I want to take it, I still would have to work in the office at least 9-3 Monday thru Friday. Well of course that won't due with the kids and all. So I told her no, but thanks for thinking of me.

It hurts because I am at a crossroads where once again my goals in life conflict a bit. I can't very well be a publisher and a stay at home mom. It is like back when I was debating on going to grad school or having a second child. Each time the children win out, but I am still sad because I want so much in life. And my biggest concern is that when all the kids are in school and I do decide I feel good about going back to work, what are the chances that a great job just comes along and falls in my lap. And the idea of submitting a resume and interviewing again trying to explain that despite the ten year gap in career related work I am still good at it and really I could do it.

Oh well, I am still glad to be staying home though. There is nothing better than playing with the kiddos and blowing zerberts on chubby bellies and thighs and having tickling contests.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tagged: Four

Four Of Everything

4 places I visit over & over: Library, Church, Store, Park

4 favorite foods: Tacos, Fajitas, Salads, French Fries

4 places I'd rather be: Beach, Mountains, Greece, England

4 movies I'd watch over & over: Pride and Prejudice, The Bourne Trilogy

4 bands/groups I love to listen to: Enya, Spice Girls, Dixie Chicks, Abba

4 Tags: Jaime, Amber, Beckie, Rachelle

Friday, August 1, 2008


I was reading the paper today as I usually do. Anyway being Friday I pulled out the "Happenings" section to see if anything interesting was going on this weekend. To my surprise there is; I found the below advertisement. I think it speaks for itself.And if it doesn't here I am to be your commentator. Yes folks what we have here is midget pole dancing. Lil Sassy Cassy is 34" of wonderment. And to think that I might have missed this.