Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Emoting Crazy

The book The Secret promotes the premise that whatever you think and say you put out into the universe and therefore it will come back to you.  With the acceptance of this concept you can think your way to happiness, love, money, etc...

Well if you buy into this premise, let me break it down for you...
I must be crazy.  I must think crazy.  I must talk crazy, because I feel like no matter where I go crazy finds me. 

I once had a masseuse, while giving me a preggers massage, tell me to picture Jesus's love flowing down to my baby through a golden umbilical cord.  Likewise she followed up with the offer that if I so desired since she was in communication with my unborn baby that if I wanted to know what the child wanted to be named she would tell me.  I respectfully declined. 

Another masseuse told me that I had broad shoulders for a girl and that because of that people would always confide in me.  It became a bit of a laughing point between some of my friends and me because although it was a bit "earthy" every time I leave a social situation with a little more knowledge about someone than I bargained for, they sum it up with, "It must be your broad shoulders."

Despite these crazy stories and a million others, I still was shocked when we got to the airport to leave for family vacation.  Long story short, I had cordoned off a section of 8 seats in a virtually empty airport seating area for the 6 of us and our luggage.  Shortly after, a young man deposited his bags in the midst of ours and sat down right between two of my kids.  He then engaged them in a semi lucid conversation and attempted to tickle them and breach the social boundaries of physical touch for strangers.  At first I watched wanting to verify that he wasn't mentally delayed before I intervened.  But it was concluded that nope, he was just super drunk.  So of course I had to get video proof for the friends I would soon be visiting on vacation and then put the kibosh on that.  Imagine their lack of surprise when they found I had drawn the crazy aka drunk man to me, where he told me all about his life and bonded with my kids over Harry Potter.

And thus began our vacation.  Bet you can't wait to hear more details!!!  So here he is.  Notice Issac is leaning away from him looking all nervous.  And see the video below to hear just how pesky consonants can be when intoxicated.  Good times, good times indeed.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rock N' Glow 5K

Manheim is the coolest town ever.  Have I mentioned that before.  If not, here it is for the record.  So this year our town did a Rock N' Glow 5K run to support the Manheim Downtown Development Group, which hosts community events to increase tourism and foot traffic as well as unify the community and promote family fun events.
There was a 1 mile race and a 5K.  All of the kids wanted to join me on the 5K, even though it was the evening of Bella's last musical performance after three days of performing multiple shows.
I wasn't convinced she was up to pushing herself that hard and to this point she had been my main running companion.  I told the kids that they could all run the 1 mile and then if they still felt good I would let them run the 5K with me which didn't even start until 9pm.  Needless to say the 1 mile race went well.  The kids surprised me and J proved his athletic/running prowess coming in 4th place.  I still felt guilty I had held him back with the rest of us for the first quarter mile.  I know he totally could have won first place.
After the 1 miler, Issac and Kody were content to not run the 5K.  Wyatt and J wanted to both run it.  And Bella was happy to watch the boys since she was on the fence in terms of tiredness anyway.  Plus the following week was field day and she had qualified to run the mile and so felt like she had ample opportunity to run in the near future.
I only had 1 criteria for racing with me, no walking.  I told them I didn't care how slow we had to run, but we needed to keep the running gait up the entire time.  Well they proved to be up to the challenge.  Wyatt struggled almost completely silently and later told Travis he had cried during part of the run, but that he knew he could push himself to do harder things than he had to this point.  I felt awful that he cried and that it was such a struggle, but so proud that he pushed through.  Because of  the confidence from doing that hard thing, he runs more often with me now.  J is my newest partner in running.  He is way faster than me, but hasn't built up the distance yet. 
Sadly Bella hasn't run with me since.  But where she has left off, Kody has picked up.  And just from this summer he has gotten way faster, 2 miles in 20 minutes.  He is only five and pint size so I consider that awesome.  From this awesome event, we now have family bonding through running.  I love that this healthy lifestyle now seems super cool to my kids.  I can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Little Sea Creature/Lagoon Animal

Bella's newest (as of the beginning of this year) endeavor was theater. 
She auditioned for our community theater, iStage.  They did The Little Mermaid Jr. 
She was a Sea Creature/Lagoon Animal -read Chorus. 
It was interesting for me to see. 
Parts were amazing and there were parts were I wanted to offer my help,
luckily I know enough to just keep my mouth shut.

In the end it was very cute. 
Bella is the girl in the blue long skirt and pink leggings.
When asked if she will do it again next year, she hmms and haas. 
She is the girl who loves to do it all at least once.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Stress Free(er)

Kody was my only non-swimmer at the beginning of this season. 
He's cautious, but I was ready to be done this phase of life - stressed around water.
He was excited to learn to swim since our pool installed a new wristband policy
for going in certain pools. 
As a willing fan, I found the quickest most intense swim program I could. 
Four days at our local retirement community pool and enrolled him the day before lessons started.
They showed them the basics and then expected them to do it. 
Kody went not wanting to be left behind on any skill.  He made it forty minutes in and then just quit cold turkey, gave up and got out of the pool.  He was done this social experiment.
 But day 2 I talked him into going back. 
The threat of letting Issac finish his swimming lessons session was all that he needed to hear. 
He jumped back in full fledge, was a willing participant and is now a swimmer. 
Dog paddle/freestyle hybrid is his specialty.
Good Job Kodster!