Sunday, December 30, 2012

You Amaze Me

You're pretty darn incredible.  I know it, but sometimes I think it is just my mother bias"ness" kicking in.  But then something occurs and it confirms that you are just amazing and spectacular and I feel so lucky and unworthy to be your mother.  But you know what, you make me a better person so I can't help but be happy once again that your mine.  Love you, babe.  Daddy and I are so proud. 

P.S.  For all of you who are wondering "what the heck", Bella was one of two fifth graders invited to join their middle school orchestra ensemble.  This group then is asked to play around town for special events, etc...Just this past week they played Christmas music at an area restaurant.  Oh and that is her orchestra teacher next to her.  When did teachers start looking like babes too.  I think I may be aging.  I never thought it would happen.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas

Christmas Eve was wonderful.  We hosted a family get together.  With 30ish of us total, half being children it was a rowdy but fun get together.  There was no discord or conflict - hoo-ray, some kind of family record I swear.  We had stimulating conversation, food galore (my family can't do it any other way) and the kids remained fairly occupied.  Although on a side note: next year our basement will be finished and I can't wait.  More space, more space!!!  [Can you hear my joyous chant as you read?]

After those festivities of which there are no pics because I was having too much fun, the kids changed to pajamas, left out Santa and reindeer goodies, and then read one another Christmas books.  After they settled for the evening, they opened their one present of matching pajamas and we had a photo op.  The kids headed to bed quickly and due to lots of preparation Travis and I were hot on their tails.

Christmas morning I awoke at 8:14 from a shout of, "It's after eight, can we come out?"  A little salute to our rule that regardless of day, etc...the kids are to remain in bed until we get them or after 8am.  Holla for instilling this good habit early, leaves me well rested and just a touch less crazy, but not much.

We opened presents slowly and tortuously, just the way I like.  Once finished we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast which friends of ours had delivered the night before per their family tradition (love you Stone family).  Dinner was already in the oven.  We ate by 1pm.  We napped and headed to my dad's house where another family get together was hosted.  Lots more fun, no arguing once again, and a little harassment on my part of the local missionaries - the evening was complete.

After all of that we headed to my mom's house.  Usually she stays Christmas Eve to day at our house spending the night and joining the festivities.  Due to the funk of flu season and having returned home after staying with us for over three weeks recovering from back surgery she opted to stay home this year sick.  But since we had presents waiting at our house we made this additional stop.  She loved her gifts and was overwhelmed by someone anonymously covering her oil bill for heating. 

With the late hour we headed home, the kids fell asleep in the car, and Travis and I tumbled into bed relishing the fact that we had a white Christmas, first since 2002 someone told me - Woot woot, and enjoyed the idea that it was supposed to snow again the next day - Today. And it did. Hip hip hooray. The season didn't disappoint nor did all the quality time with friends and family, which will still continue for the next week or so. Hope your Christmas was just as good. Lots of love and happy viewing.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays in Many Ways

Celebrating the holidays comes in many ways.  For Women's Club we had our Annual Holiday Tour of Homes and cookie sale. Both were largely successful and I was thrilled.

Also as resource parents, we had a holiday activity inviting all the families.  Juggler, Chris Ivey performed, breakfast was awesome, and each child received a present.  It was a great kick start to the holiday season. 

At church we had a celebration including the reenactment of Luke 2.  It was adorable!

At school we had gingerbread decorating parties early in the month and holiday parties in all the kids classes right before vacation, including a snowball fight with cotton balls in the Kindergarten classroom.  Suffice to say - having Travis home and celebrating almost daily adds to the seasonal cheer.  I love this time of year!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Thanksgiving day was a day of awesomeness.  We woke and played Turkey Bowl football with friends from our church like always.  There were four teams.  I was a team captain, picked Travis first.  Some laughed at our lack of height originally, but strategically I knew what I wanted and our team rocked it all the way to be final champions. 

Then we went to a friends for breakfast/brunch.  It was great and fun and filled with laughter.  Last I had prepped so well that lunch was quickly eaten after arriving home.  I am finding that the earlier we eat on holidays the happier I am.  Plenty of afternoon to rest and continue snacking.  Yummos!  Plus then everyone (I mean me) can nap. 

After naps we went hiking and played outside in the seasonally mild weather.  No black Friday shopping for me but lots of rest and relaxation.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Going Back

So going way back to finish up early late October and early November...because of Hurricane Sandy canceling tons of flights Travis was able to be home for trick or treating.  My cute kiddos, Pocahontas, Luigi, Mario, and the Red Power Ranger.
With Travis being gone lots, I really have started to fray in certain areas of my life.  The other day I walked in the house and saw this.  Never in the previous 12 years of marriage has my house/counters looked like this.  Don't look to closely because you can't even make rhyme or reason of all the stuff that had accumulated on my counters and table.
Issac's fall party was delayed because of weather and ended up being in November.  I had the kids finger painting in my workout t-shirts to avoid staining their clothes.
And Women's Club of Manheim sponsored an All Pro Dad's event at out elementary school.  This is a program geared for helping dad's to be more active and influential in the life of their kids.  It's an awesome program and I am impressed at all the dad's who bring their kids to school before the school day starts to participate in bonding activities and mini seminars.  I am constantly amazed at the people in my town.
I also helped to chaperon the Wyatt's field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo.  I had this great little group of boys.  So fun, but despite doing way less than I do in a normal day, these field trips leave me feeling exhausted.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Simple

My life is crazy.  I'm behind in my posts.  I'll get caught up, but in the meantime this was too important not to do:

This is my anthem to my hubby - the world's best man!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


It's a party.  Yeah instead of what have become traditional birthday parties at Chuck E' Cheese or roller skating rinks or pottery painting places, etc...all of which we've been to and love, I have opted to start a new tradition with my kids after trying it out several times now.

Instead of those parties, my kids are allowed to opt for a big birthday present or instead they may opt for a small (4-5) sleepover party for their birthday and a small gift.  Their friends come over and we act crazy and play wild, order pizza and eat, play games and drift towards night with a movie and then bed.  The next morning involves a craft which is their take home gift and we call it quits. 

Issac's birthday was on a Saturday and so ideal for the party which went from Friday night to Saturday.  Then on Monday we had breakfast in bed, a big family tradition but due to rudeness while having friends over it was postponed.  Early Monday mornings make for sleepy breakfasts.

On another note: 
Dear Issac,
You are one of the loves of my life.  You are filled with happiness and joy and sweetness and tenderness.  You can be a bit of a whiner and crier, but you remind me so much of myself when I was younger and even now that I can forgive you most anything.  I love your energetic spirit and all that you are.  I hope that this upcoming year brings you as much joy as the years before.  Happy Birthday buddy.  With love, Mom!