Friday, November 28, 2008

Issac's Insights

Last night we got home at 9:30 from our Thanksgiving fun. Most of the kids are being transferred from the car to their beds in their sleep filled state. Issac had never fallen asleep and so we have him pee before putting him in bed. After I jump straight on the toilet to pee, because I had been dying to pee.

Issac: You pee like me Mom.
Me: Yes bud I do.
Issac: You are a boy.
Me: What?
Issac: You pee like me mom, you are a boy.
Now bare in mind I am sitting down.
Me: No Issac I am a girl.
Issac: No girls poop. Boys pee. You pee like me Mom. You are a boy.

Now he knows the difference between a girl and a boy and he knows that both boys and girls pee so I guess that is what a sleep deprived state does to someone.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

99.9% Sure

As I am 99.9% sure that I will not be getting on the internet tomorrow or probably the next day let alone checking the blog world, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday of the year essentially because it is filled with all of my favorite foods and my life and social interactions are based upon all things delicious. And most importantly because the weekend starts a month's worth of reverence for the Saviour and the anticipation of his birth. Also I get to unveil my very famous advent calender collection. For casual friends please feel free to get me additional ones if you don't know what to get me this year for Christmas and for dear friends and family I expect something even cooler. Once again Happy Thanksgiving, we really all have so much to be grateful for.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And I'm Done

Seriously. I'm not joking. I have been sewing like a little Chinese slave child in some small village in a sweatshop. It started all nice like, when I was inspired by autumn to make a beautiful quilt. Before I was even done that, I felt ready to be done sewing. But I finished. But not before committing myself to have some quilts done for Enrichment. For our Christmas Enrichment we are having several activities one of them quilt tying; as the Enrichment Committee leader I had the fun oppurtunity to sew quilts to be tied. I sewed this purple one which I actually love and want, and then cut squares for another one that I subbed out the sewing to. She finished the top. Now I need to place the batting and backing and we are done.
And hopefully I will not be sewing any more quilts for a very long time. No more sweatshop labor for me. Leave that for the little kids, because it is just hard work.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Cirque de Soleil

Last night at our house was a performance not to be missed. What could be better than having your very own Cirque de Soleil performance in your home? I love the group. They are shear genius by mixing athleticism with fierce flexibility and crazy fearlessness. I would love to see them for real-live, but in the mean time I'll settle for this. Our family's own little performance. I have lots of little clips with each of the kids in various stages, but Bella is getting some bigger skills. And if someday she isn't in Cirque de Soleil she at least can be a cheerleader.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Like many a business man will tell you transitions are important, critical even. A smooth transition from one thing to the next can make all the difference in the small details of the everyday operations of a company to the big picture of a company's success. And because every family is just a small business every mother will echo those sentiments.

Transitioning from playtime to bedtime is such a large part of any mother's day. The ritual for most children's bedtime includes baths, pj's, brushing teeth, stories, kisses, hugs, drinks, and the likes. Perhaps the biggest transition in my day is the items that must be carried out in order for me to leave the confines of my home and expand our adventures to the great world beyond; getting dressed, combing hair (give or take on certain days), putting on shoes and socks, getting coats for everyone, and buckling all my kids into their safety contraptions called car seats is a process that efficiency can minimize but will never eliminate. And so in life I have learned to embrace these transitions.

I am a little hyper at times; I might have a short attention span. I am always excited for my next adventure, but a little part of me is already missing the last one. And so it is that some transitions are bitter sweet. As many of you know Travis and I are pretty sure that we are done having kids. And so each moment with Kody has become its own kind of ritual. We remember when each of the three other kids went through that phase. We think of how we'll never experience it again. And sometimes that is bitter sweet. But more often than not I am happy and excited. We are entering the next stage of life and our babies are growing up.

Here is our Kody eatting breakfast. I love his still sleepy eyes. His slightly swollen face. His ravenous appetite from waiting so long between meals. An average breakfast for Kody is a male adult breakfast. This morning he had two eggs, two pieces of toast, half a bowl of cereal, a glass of milk, and water. Pancake mornings he eats five usually with a side of meat or something else. He's not a baby anymore with an appetite like that.

His newest skill although not perfected is his love of trying to walk. He will walk around our house and then stop and look up to me waiting for my smiles and claps to show that I am so proud of him for doing it. Walking is such a big boy skill, but needing that approval makes him still a little boy. In the mornings when I go and get him his blanket and pacifier, which he still uses to sleep, are almost always thrown outside the crib. I pick him up and he always reaches for them. He puts the paci in and snuggles into his blanket for a minute or two. I then always ask are you ready to go eat. He smiles and heads for the door, but not before I say we need to put the blanket and paci in the crib. Today he picked up his blanket and tried to walk it over to the crib instead of crawling with blanket in tow over. He was laughing as he tried to master walking with the extra weight of an object throwing off his sense of balance. After a little cajoling he tossed his binkie in the crib too. He is so grown and learning to understand all of these little phrases. I can talk to him now and know he understands even if he isn't talking back.
Then there are those moments that he is still more a little infant boy than a toddler. And it is that love of tearing stuff out that most reminds me of that. Cupboards still are being empited, bookshelves are being cleared, and toilet paper is still being unwound if left unattended. There comes a time when at around 18 months to 2 years old your kids stop trying to do that stuff. They know it isn't allowed. Kody is still testing those boundries, but it won't be long before he learns since we have entered the constant use of the word no phase and time out phase. It is at this juxtaposition in my life that I am appreciative of all of life's transitions, the ability to wait with anticipation for the future, the love of the moments I am experiencing now, and the sense of loss for those things that no longer will be.
Here's to little boys becoming men, little girls becoming moms, and moms learning to appreciate the small things in life.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Snow

This morning the snow started again. Hooray. This is my neighbor's house across the street in the falling snow, picture perfect. The boys all wanted to go out and play in their snow clothes despite me telling them it probably wouldn't be enough to warrant snow suits and all, but hey what do I know. Kody perferred a prone position as the slickness of the tramp made for treacherous traveling.
My little Robby or whatever the little brother's name is in "A Christmas Story".
Although I love the snow and embrace it I don't know that putting a roof on a house is proper snow activity. And yes there were men standing on that same roof/structure throughout the day and periodic snow.
More roof parts. Yes walk along the edges sounds good.
But of all the snow activities jumping on the trampoline with snow is a favorite activity of ours. The slick surface creates unlimited amounts of fun. Although the danger level is dramatically increased, I weigh that out in my head and almost always opt for the fun.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bring On The Snow

Yesterday we had our first flakes of snow. It was enough to dust the trampoline and send my boys out to try and lick it off. Yum. It is "supposed" to snow tomorrow more and all I have to say is Bring IT. This is coming from the girl who loves snow, whose husband on a daily basis in winter times prays for over three feet of it at once, whose family can't help but go out and play in it even if not properly dressed for it. So in hopes of welcoming more snow, at least three feet, here are my favorite snow pictures from the last three years.

Here is me teaching Elizabeth to love the snow. You have to become one with the snow. Making snow angels in everyday clothing without a coat helps you to become one with the snow. Yes those are my calves exposed. I was wearing capri gym pants at the time. ONe with the snow I tell ya. Dec. 06
Here is one of my favorite trips. West Yellowstone trip January of 07. Snowmobiling all day and we scored this sweet shot. I love Yellowstone, I love snowmobiling, I love Travis. Here it is easy to be one with the snow.
Here are the three kids sledding together. Perhaps not the best picture of any one of them. But seeing all three of them enjoying the snow and sledding makes my heart feel all warm and tingly. Jan 08.
Here is wishing for those three feet of snow and many more great snow pictures.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It Must Be Important

This boy is normally so mellow, but sometimes there is a furiousness with which he jumps up from what he is doing and runs to me that leads me to believe something is wrong. Typically I am surprised with a sweet little kiss and a great big hug. It is like the thought has just occurred to him how much he loves me and he must show me immediately. I love it and I love this little boy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

She Makes Everything Fun

This girl can make everything more fun. Today she only had a half day of school. Since she has been home the boys have followed her around from room to room playing every imaginable game. One even included house where I was the mom and they put pillows under my head and feet and rubbed my feet. That's the kind of motherhood I am talking about people. Everyone is happily enetertained and I even have free time to clean, scratch that, read a book.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sneak Preview

About a month or so ago we did family pictures. Mainly for Christmas and to replace our huge portrait in the living room. Although I can't show you all of them because they will be going out in Christmas cards in 3 weeks, and I would hate to ruin the surprise and anticipation, above is a sneak preview.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Priorities People

My husband has many talents; everyday I am impressed to learn something new he can do. Cooking has never been one of those talkents. His college diet horrified me. And upon telling him that I was writing this blog he quipped, " I can cook. I do noodles with cream of chicken, ramen noodles, and macaroni and cheese." And I rest my case. Three types of boxed, prepackaged, processed noodles creations. But the other night I was away and I when I came home I found this. This is what our family calls "Chocolate Pudding Cake" aka "Treila's Transgression" lovingly named after his mother who is the originator of this fabulous decadence. This is not for the faint of heart people, you have to have a severe sweet tooth to compete in this category.Travis may not be able to cook but he is a baking expert. Since that is his favorite kind of food I shouldn't be surprised. I have known many people to say that Travis made the best chocolate chip cookies they had ever eatten and that is a feat since every person swears they have the best CCC recipe. He can bake many cookies, cakes, and chocolate surprises. Just wait till the holiday season is in full swing and you'll catch this man in the kitchen making "Puppy Chow". Maybe he can't cook, but everyone needs to have priorities and according to him he has his all figured out in the foods department. And on a final note how does one consume pure sugar and calories and stay so slim? Yeah he ate this whole cake himself minus three pieces. One for me (of course I had to try it, Travis ended up finishing my piece) and the three kids split the equivalent of two normal pieces. This whole thing polished off in 24 hours no less. He is a man of many talents after all. Gotta love this guy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Scene At Our House

This morning I get the kids up and all three boys tend to get dressed in one room. Last night we went to a friend's house for a pizza party.

Issac: I go to Micah's house and eat pizza again?
(keep in mind he was miserable most of last night and crying due to tiredness)
Issac: Mmm. Pizza good.
Wyatt: Yeah can we go to Micah's house again today and play and eat pizza?
Me: Uh?
Wyatt: Yes or no, Mom. Yes or no.
Issac: Say yes, say yes.
Me: Probably not today.
Wyatt: I knew it was a no. I don't like no. I like yeses.
Me: Me too, I totally understand.
(Wyatt runs behind me and buries his face in my lion's mane of morning hair)
Wyatt: Yes kids, we can go to Micah's house.
Wyatt (to me): See you said we can go to his house. Let's go.
Me: laughing
(Issac now crying about something totally unrelated. Wyatt lifts his shirt exposing his little man nipple.)
Wyatt: Look Issac at my boob. Isn't it funny?
Me: Wyatt.
Wyatt: Well my boob isn't as funny as the word is. Isn't the word boob funny mom? Ha Ha Ha. (hysterics of Wyatt ensue)
Me: (Disguising chuckles)

I swear my son has a future in stand up comics. The boy is so funny.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Not A Party...

till someone roasts a pig. And that someone was my dad aka Grandpa Graver. In celebration of him and his wife finishing their Washington DC temple mission, they had a big pig roast at their relatively new house with all the people from the temple, their whole ward, and our family. After eatting all the kids grabbed Grandpa's rakes of every sort and started raking his leaves to make a big pile to jump and play in.

Nothing says fun for kids like soda by the can and cookies of all sorts.Elizabeth my great niece, oh yeah that's right - my nephew's daughter - hiding her face from the falling leaves. What a cutie.
My sister in law, Fran, and brother in law Fred. Another grand nephew, Isaac.
Issac loving being burried in leaves. It changed from one moment to the next whether he liked it or not.
Overall the day started and ended well. Who could ask for anything more. I took at least 75 pictures, so consider yourselves spared.

Boys and Trains

Our Saturday started so good with a trip to the Strasburg Railroad to ride the train. Issac has been going through a Thomas the Train kick, so it seemed the perfect oppurtunity to take the kids. Here are the kids waiting to board the train and watching the one train hook to the other. Travis and Kody riding along.
Bella once on the train was a bag of nerves since she had never ridden one. She was worried about all the potential things that could happen. This is me trying to make her happy for a picture. There's a little smile.
Wyatt was all smiles and excitement.

Issac was over the moon. It was one great shot after another because of his smiles by the second. He couldn't stop. He just kept saying, "Thomas the Train".
What a fun day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

That's A Man

Excusing the sideways angle (and if you know how to fix it, tell me) this is Kody sneaking out of his high chair even buckled in, climbing into the middle of the table to eat. He pulls his plate, cup, and self up there to eat almost everyday. I can't seem to tame this savage man. He thinks it is funny.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm So Disappointed

And that is all I can say about that. And below is a picture from the road of the traffic trying to get into the polling place. Crazy. On a more happy note fall colors are at their prime, and although this day was overcast it was one of the most beautiful drives ever. And like everyone else has said the pictures don't do it justice. Wonder why that is. Anyway this was also my inspiration for the next picture.
This is my 455 piece "wanna be" Amish quilt. I have had the fabric and have wanted to do it for some time. Now was the time. I found this fabulous brown suede fabric to back it with so it is super soft. It turned out okay not my best work. I was in a hurry to finish it so I could use it this fall, but I love the look - remind me never to do it again though.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


wrong voting location - 1
right voting location - 1
minutes to get from the road into the parking lot - 25
minutes to get a parking spot - 12
minutes waiting in poll lines to vote - 67
little boys not wanting to wait in long poll lines - 3
jumps to the front for a last name from M-Z - 1
drops of sweat dripping down my spinal column - 176
minutes at the front before we got our ballot - 27
comments about my full hands with three boys - 13
offers of assistance - 1
comments on the nature of Kody's red hair - 7
poll workers hassling me about my license - 1
other form of identification shown - 1
ballet cast - 1
comments on how well I did despite three kids - 5
showing my kids that voting matters - Priceless

8 Things Tag

My friend,Mendy, tagged me for this one:

8 TV Shows I Love to Watch:
1. Project Runway
2. House
3. Chuck
4. Color Splash
5. So You Think You Can Dance
6. Everybody Loves Raymond
7. The Bachelor/Bachelorette
8. The News

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. McDonalds
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Red Lobster
4. Summy House
5. Chile's
6. A&M Pizza
7. TGI Fridays
8. Olive Garden

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
1. Went to JoAnn Fabrics
2. Finished my Autumn Quilt
3. Cleaned the drain pans on the stove
4. Did Laundry
5. Took pictures of the autumn leaves while driving (this is dangerous)
6. Ran to Weis and bought some milk for breakfast this morning
7. Had family home evening and played LIFE with my kids
8. Had alone time with Wyatt

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
2. Friday's Game Night Continued
3. Saturday's Pig Roast
4. Sunday's Pizza Making Party with Solviej
5. Making Pumpkin Filling to use for bread, pie, cookies, etc...
6. Decorating my house for Christmas
7. Cuddle Time and House with my Hubby tonight
8. Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of all
9. Painting my house

8 Things on My Wish List:
1. A finished Basement
2. New living room furniture
3. A 52" flatscreen LCD tv
4. Stools for my kitchen bar
5. A New Coat
6. Toaster
7. Mini vacuum for the steps
8. New Piano Music

8 People I'm Tagging:
To All Of You Who are On My Blogging List who haven't done it yet and want to.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Missed Moments This Month

After so many serious and pictureless blogs, I present this month's missed moments in no particular order.

Halloween Party at the library. They did halloween stories, crafts, and coloring.
I learned to knit at Enrichment. My first experience ever. I dropped relatively few stitches for my first project and am fairly consistent. Knitters eat your heart out. Non-knitters isn't the blue lovely.
Crazy day at school. No halloween costumes, but basically don't match, wear clothes inside out, and look goofy. I think we achieved this magnificently. It was hard for me to let her out like this, but I guess this was the point.
Halloween night right before going out trick or treating. The kids sans Issac went with Dad this year. Issac had been sick with bad croup and was sleeping from two that afternoon to almost eight pm.
Me carving my pumpkin after the kids went to bed. Travis loves this face because he says it is my serious carving face. I look psychotic, but oh well. My moments preserved as well I suppose.
Our family at the pumpkin patch. I love this place, cheapest and best pumpkins ever. Issac picked his pumpkin in two seconds flat and wouldn't even look at the other pumpkins. Now that is decisiveness.
Upon arriving quick picture pose in case I get no other oppurtunity.
Family home evening at the corn maze. We used flashlights and let Bella for the most part lead the way. The other kids were grumpy, because they had fallen asleep in the car on the way there.
Bella happy, Wyatt not, Kody and me along for the ride.
Hope everyone is feeling all caught up on our lives. Happy Fall Ya'll.