Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting Laughs

On Sunday was our church's primary program. Issac had been waiting with overwhelming anticipation to say his part which he had memorized. When the time came he jumped up to the podium, grabbed the mic, and loudly fast talked his way through his part and jumped down adding a half spin and returned to his seat. It gave him some of the loudest laughs of the day. This isn't the first time this boy has sent people in church or anywhere else for that matter into a fit of giggles. I've largely considered why he is so funny. Because when I look at his antics although amusing they are not laugh out loud hilarious, but people are constantly laughing. I have decided that people laugh with him, because his joy is infectious. He has more personality and energy bubbling over and emanating out of him than anyone I've ever met. And all of this personality is stuffed into this itty bitty boy who barely arrived on the growth charts his last, 4th, birthday. But don't underestimate his size either because he is a solid, stout, football playing, baseball hitting, wishful hockey star.His name means, he will laugh, and as a baby Travis and I were worried his name would not fit him since he was a colicky one. At the tender age of 2 weeks he started crying and hasn't really outgrown it till recently. But daily he fills our home with laughter, eye rolling, and knowing looks between me and Travis about what the teenage years will hold for us with him as our son. But because he has never been one to mess around with mediocrity it is only fitting that every emotion is felt as deeply as his happiness. And with that I bring to light Issac's extreme tender side. When something is wrong, he is the first to rush over with a hug and a kiss to make it all better. And when all is right he is the first to tease you mercilessly. When one of the kids is being picked on he is the first to step up and engage in a physical assault on behalf of another. (Yeah, we're still working on the appropriate hitting thing. I don't want to take away too much of the aggression, because I really think he has athletic potential that just needs honing.) Although Issac and Kody are the closest in age and therefore have conflict often times, he is the first to take care of Kody and make sure he is taken care of by others. He cries on behalf of others and quickly is brought to tears himself when you reasonably point out where he has disappointed you. And so it just amazed me to no end when our recent family photos were handed to me on a disk by our friend and she had captured this side of Issac which people rarely see or notice. It is the side that gets lost in the depth of his personality. Issac's own little hand is wrapped around Kody's leading him down the creek bank into the water which had scared Kody previously. Just another way in which Issac takes care of those around him. Man I love this boy. I can't wait for all the entertaining years ahead.


candice said...

Love it, love the tribute! Miss watching him grow!

Laura Lynn said...

Oh, what a sweet tribute. I was watching them on the bank and thought it was so cute that Issac was trying to help him in. I didn't want to miss it. I am so thankful I was able to get that.

I would say also, to click to enlarge because in the 2nd photo you can see Issac smiling as Kody steps in. I thought that was sweet but didn't dare ask them to look up at me so I would not spoil the moment.

Ashley said...

Love the story! The pictures of him are so CUTE!