Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When Emma Comes To Town

...this is super delayed, because forever the pics wouldn't download without error. This really was the last week of September

We celebrate with 44 oz Sonic Strawberry Limeades.
We go pick pumpkins and giggle over the phallic nature of some of the gourds.
(I never said we were mature.)
I take her to meet my neighbors and other friends on Jaime's birthday.
We bedazzle my front porch with seasonal decorations.
We head on over to Roots, we visit the Hershey Factory.
We make and eat enormous amounts of junk food, talk all night long, and relive our college days.Is she not the cutest little prego girl, 5months and with twins? Miss you already Emma!

P.S. We also had an early dismissal from school because of the flooding the day I took her to the airport. I was in Philly, so thanks Kelly for picking my kids up after school. And on the way home I was debating about whether I should tempt driving through the water when along came the postman. In the end I did drive through it to get home.

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