Friday, October 22, 2010

A Little Perspective

This is one little excited boy and 500+ pounds of pumpkin.
This is 300ish pounds of pig! Which would you rather eat?
This is the start of fall and the changing colors of the leaves. Give it another week!
And here is a Sunset Maple, my fav. tree, on the very same day.
Here is a Issac's first trip to the fire station.
And now his life long dream is to be a fireman.
And here is the seemingly average looking firefighter, who just got hotter looking the more of the fire suit he put on.

Isn't life just all about perspective?


whitney allison said...

That is the cleanest pig I've ever seen!

Sommer said...

I love the fall time here, just beautiful! I love your header picture by the way. It's so true and funny how a uniform can totally change the hotness of a guy.

We Three Queens said...

Ladies, ladies, ladies!! You guys crack me up.. although I totally agree. There's nothing sexier than a man in uniform. Although I also like eye candy in a double breasted suit. ☺☺☺