Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Yeah I'm pretty sure Kody has this.  Because randomly he will shout out words such as poop head, boob, or butt and burst into a fit of giggles.  Today as I was dropping him off at the gym daycare and right as I was heading out the door out of the clear blue he shouts, "No, I love you!"  An female employee laughs and says "Don't you just love when they shout I love you at you."  To this I have to say yes, because it beats half the other stuff he is shouting.  Tourette's or a boy thing?  You tell me.


Alisa said...

Once again, LAUGHING!
If he has tourette's, I've got a middle child here who just might be his long lost twin!

Christie said...

Definitely a boy thing!

Sommer said...

lol hilarious! Brandon got in trouble this year for blurting out poop during circle time at preschool. Maybe it's a boy thing? I don't know I'm new at this =)