Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Life Today

finished painting the hallway.
now i just need to take all the tape down.

80's flashback day at the gym.  (more pics)
although these are some of my gym besties i have to wonder how i got stuck next to two size 2 girls. 
oh well it's a good reminder why i go to the gym.
for teacher appreciation week i made issac's teacher and teacher's aide dinner.
holy my kitchen is a wreck.
no worries it's already all cleaned up.


Sarabeara said...

Mary, I know we never talk or get to hang out but you are so inspiring. Honestly I think you are a super hero in disquise. Thanks for all the insights and quite motivations.

The Conger's said...

You, cook you exercise, you do think about the kids teachers, and recognize lent, wow way to go Mary!