Thursday, April 7, 2011


  • Isn't it amazing how Kesha can somehow incorporate the word glitter into every song?  But still I love her music.
  • Travis the other day surprised me at the gym.  He stopped at the front desk and [Matt] only half paying attention was like you can go back and look for her.  Travis came back to the front and was like she is not back there.  The guy was like who are you looking for now fully paying attention.  When Travis ellaborated that it was me(Mary) the guy panicked. (this is his version of events as told to me)  Oh man I like you.  I had to cover for you so your husband didn't think you were cheating on him. But I couldn't come up with any credible story.  But then [Hannah] was like she is back in the Spin room. *Names have been changed to protect the individuals involved in the story  Thanks your a good friend, I guess.  Let's just say I cleared it all up for Matt though.  I'm not cheating, no need to cover.
  • When we first moved here people would always talk about my "stair step" children.  I had never heard the phrase but once it was explained I understood the expression.  This picture from the other day perfectly illustrates their point I guess. 
  • For Lent, I gave up eating after 7pm.  And now I dream about food.  A LOT!

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