Monday, April 11, 2011

Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

I don't believe in weakness.  Okay maybe I do a little but I fight it anytime I see it rear its ugly face at me.  So today when we were at the park and Kody told me he had to go poo, I wanted to die.  I said that we could use the Portopotty and he promptly declined and decided to hold it.  After a couple of minutes he decided he would after all use that Portopotty.  As we walked towards it, I chanted -in my head of course- "Okay Mary you can do this.  Don't show Kody it's a big deal and he won't think it's a big deal.  Don't pass your squeamishness down to your kids.  Your tough, okay let's do this."

We get the whole way to the door I open and am relieved to find there is no stench and look down to make sure Kody makes the step up into it and that is when I notice not one but three sets of feces on the floor.  "Oh no way Kody.  You are not going in there.  Forget that."  Who does that?  Seriously gross.  And who should be cleaning that up.  Let's get on that!  And this folks is why I will not use public restrooms.  I just can't!  Call me weak.


Marie said...

That's nasty! I agree, who does that?! I wouldn't let my kid go in there!

Alisa said...

Oh you make me laugh, Mary. This is why I love reading your posts!