Friday, April 29, 2011

Bits and Pieces

The previously unpublished month of April:
Issac is really starting to love school. 
I can't wait to see him in Kindergarten next year!
Kody has been putting a small chair in bed to sleep with after I leave the room.
What is up with that?  I have no idea.

Growing a crystal. 
Part of a gift from Christmas - A Science Kit.

Kody chilling at the gym watching TV.
Since birth this boy has had old man idiosyncrasies.

Mormon Helping Hands - Our Stake Service Project Day
Cleaning up Landis Valley Museum grounds.

A visit to the Toy Train Museum.

The awe and fascination of youth.
A trip to DC including the Smithsonian.

The Air and Space Museum - Planets Exhibit.

Nothing says Happy Easter like a good painting project.
Why higher a painter when you can build your own scaffolding?
A brief foray into the world of the stomach flu.
Doesn't he look so bitty and helpless in this picture :(

My morning moment - watching the sun come up over my house.
Oh all the possibilities!


Staigerfamily said...

Okay-- my Nathan and Carson are serious snugglers--and I thought I'd seen them take just about EVERYTHING to bed . . . but a chair?!? That seriously tops it off. I could not stop laughing. Hilarious!

whitney allison said...

Chair=hilarious, scafolding=death trap.

The Conger's said...

Oh man where to start. You are so busy, today was fun, love the wedding. Have to say it again to get the point in, you are so busy. Go Mary!