Friday, January 7, 2011

Takes Me Back

You know how every now and again you will be walking along and ka-pow you are hit with nostalgia so strong. For a lot of people it is a smell, sometimes a taste - hence the whole genre of comfort food, but for me it is typically through music. Music was a big part of my growing years and my mom used to sing in a group with her sisters semi professionally. They did McGuire Sister covers and I grew up not only knowing older bands and classic music but loving it. My mom used to drive me crazy as a kid, by using the last word of every sentence I said and segueing it into a song. She could find a song for every word I swear. And so for me certain songs can transfer me to a whole different time period. For every relationship I've ever had with a member of the opposite sex there was a song I associated with it. A lot of times the guys didn't even know and it was never so formal as this is "our" song, but it may have been popular at the time we were dating or something would remind me of that person.

Today I was doing the car shuttle, that my sister teased me about while here for Christmas. I spend a lot of time in my car running here and there, when a song came on. Instantly I was nearing the square of Gettysburg in a Plymouth Voyager minivan with a faux wood stripe. My sister was driving and we had removed the center section of seats. Something we often did so we could fit more people in the car for our weekend going out sessions. We were stopped at a red light and I decided to get out and dance my heart out. Well in the hullabaloo of at least a half a dozen people in the back my sister hadn't noticed that I got out of the car. Therefore as the light turned green, she started to pull away sliding van door open and all. I knew she didn't see me and so instantly I took off after the car. I was chasing down an accelerating van. And that is when my friends started shouting jump in. And so I did with little thought. And although quick I somehow had not planned for the increasing momentum and although I cleared the opening and landed mostly in the van, the door and car continued forward slamming into my left thigh. It hurt but I was giddy with laughter of having chased our van through the square of Gettysburg and jumping in a moving vehicle a la Hollywood action movie style. It wasn't till the next day that the bruise covering half my leg appeared, but I still laughed it off. My sister didn't find it quite so comical as she thought what I had done was dangerous and she knew she would have been responsible had I gotten hurt. But so are the memories of my adolescent years filled with dangerous and thoughtless but fun filled actions. And so I present the song that night, "Ghetto Superstar".

What is a song that takes you back to a memorable occasion?


Anja said...

that is funny! I love this song btw. For me, almost every song I have on my ipod (which is a megabillion) reminds me of something. Music brings back strong feelings for me as well. Isn't it strange how that happens!? I love it though!

Laura Lynn said...

I have all kinds for all different people and times, so I can't pick just one at the moment.
I love being transported to a place in time via music!

Jessica said...

I love it!

Emmalee said...

way to many to con't in fact that song every time i hear I think of my friend lydia as she is my ghetto superstar. but recently i keep hearing a kesha song on the radio and all i want to do is dress up in my hot pants and put a lot of glitter on my eyes and do a music video, ahh the good ole days.

Ashley said...

I'm not surprised that music would mean so much to you... you are one of the most musically talented people that I know! I loved your story, I could just picture the whole thing.