Monday, January 3, 2011

Crafty Madness

I don't think I am crafty. I can duplicate, but not create. And then it came to me that crafty and creative are different things. I'm not so sure now, but here are some things that have eaten large chunks of my time before the holidays and are to be resumed again now that the holidays are over.
The Christmas stockings idea I stole from my Mother In Law. I only got halfway done Issac's (the first one shown), finished Wyatt's and Bella's the second and third. Now I get to finish Issac's, start Dakota's, Travis's, and mine.

I made this book wreath for a super Saturday I planned for our ward and another ward's women. Along with this I made a couple of girly embellished headbands and some graphic tees for examples of the crafts and then I made some for the kids and me for fun.

Finally the curtains in this room are done only six months after painting. I searched in vain for months before and after to find something I liked. Finally I just went to and ordered some fabric that I loved. Two wrong orders later, their fault not mine, I finally got them right after Thanksgiving.

And here is the before and after of a dresser I got from my grandmother. Before no one could agree on the color. We had guesses of yellow, green, brown, tan, khaki, etc...I was pretty sure that if I couldn't name the color I didn't want it. So I redid it a cream color with a raw umber glaze. It turned out awesome and now I just need to finish the night table just like this one. And then I have another dresser and night table for Wyatt's room. I may do those in black though. And I also want to paint his room gray/silver. And I want to do a glazed texture on the family room, dining room, and kitchen.

Well the ideas and projects never end. But they are fun while I am doing them, well most of them!


Maria said...

LOVE the dresser! I've been wanting to redo a dresser we had but I just never had time! Love the color!

BTW - I don't know where my sister-ib-law got the cubes but I'll ask her.

Alisa said...

Wierd but that same exact dressser was given to us about a year ago! Yeah, but I haven't even thought of redoing it like you are much CRAFTY and CREATIVE than I am!

Anja said...

everything turned out super cute! good job!!

We Three Queens said...

Very inspiring! I have 3 super cute stocking kits I purchased several years back. My intention was to make them for me and the girls. They're still sitting in my craft room. Now that I see yours, I'm thinking I want to make them for next Christmas... even though Em will be away at school. She'll be home for Christmas itself, so it's now or never.

Laura Lynn said...

I think crafty and creative are two different things also. Everything looks great! And Raw Umber is the go-to color for distressed. Love it!