Monday, January 10, 2011


For Christmas my sister got me a beloved movie of my early adolescent years. And let's be honest there was not a summer that went by that I didn't watch it all the way until I went to college, Shag the Movie. Apparently it referred to a style of dancing. But the bulk of the movie is about four girls who are about to leave for college but the summer before they do they all lie to their parents about their whereabouts and instead go to Myrtle Beach, aka land of sin in that time period the 60's, for their vacation. The girls starring Bridget Fonda of course engage in many pranks, scandalous activities, and crazy shenanigans. This movie only got 5.4 out of 10 stars from IMDB's website, but still I wanted it for nostalgia's sake. And as we watched it in the Christmas aftermath movie fest, I was horrified to realize how inappropriate this movie was for a preteen. Where were my parents? Neither here nor there I learned two big lessons. One, Bella is not watching that movie until she gets to college or much older. I don't need her getting any ideas

And two, aside from my now predominant and well intact maternal instincts I also realized that I miss this side of me. I may be a responsible and hopefully good parent, but I still like to have fun. Ridiculous, childish, immature fun. This part of me has never changed. And it is one of the main reasons I married my husband. While dating he bought gasoline and made a huge burning Z for Zorro in the snowy sand dunes of Idaho just because. Another time we bought a couch from DI(Deseret Industries - you have to be from the west to know about this place) to take to an old quarry where we lit it on fire and jumped over it with blaring music and a dozen other friends. Whereupon our night ended with the local sheriff's department descending upon our group with night vision goggles and ideas of apprehension. Now not all of my husband's Tom Foolery involves fire although he does have another story or two where it comes into play, but he was the man I knew I could marry because he could play with me. Even this past weekend as we frolicked through the Poconos he engaged in a raging snowball fight with me and Issac, drove crazy doughnuts round a deserted ice covered parking lot and he chased and tackled me to the ground numerous times tickle torturing me.
What's this mean for you my blogging audience? I need some chums with a bit of a wild streak. It can even be hidden in the deepest part of you, because believe you me I can and will find it and pull it out of you. I need ideas for fun pranks. I need someone who craves this kind of playing too, because also this year I am upping my playtime. I love parent/child play, but let's be honest it is no substitution for the real thing.


Emmalee said...

i wish i was there, because i'm craving this same kind of fun. Why didn't we think of this while I was there??? I know I was big and pregnant, but we still should have done something fun. I love you!!!!

Julie said...

I believe the term "shagging" also means to have sex in Europe. And can also be equivalent to the F word in some countries.
I would play with you. I love pulling pranks. Maybe you should move to AK with us.