Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paying Tribute (Happy Birthday Travis!)

Today is Travis's birthday.
He's rounding out his 30's which doesn't seem to bother him, although 25 was a month long crisis.
I think he's the perfect age. Our life is perfect.
When I contemplate heavens and the eternities I think how can it get any better than life now.
But I can't wait because I'll be with this man.
He never speaks an unkind word.
He spends his life looking to serve others.
His favorite time of the day is one on one time with each child as he puts them to bed.
His patiences is limitless.
He loves to laugh and be entertained by his family and friends.
He hates pictures and often looks totally unlike himself in the many I try to take.
He is the world's most handsome man, not because he is physically attractive although he is,
but because his heart is pure.
Words fail me; Pictures fail him!


Anja said...

Mary, you are so sweet. Happy Birthday to your hubby

Alisa said...

LOVE this post!!!!

Melissa said...

What a sweet tribute! Happy Birthday Travis!

Solviej said...

Happy Birthday Travis!

Laura Lynn said...

Happy Birthday to Travis! I didn't know that you guys were going to be in our class yesterday or I would've brought cake.
And I love this picture of you guys!