Monday, January 17, 2011


  • being told I look like a naughtly librarian, when I have an eye infection and feel sick.
  • that my sister taught me her amazing curl technique while she was home for Christmas.
  • working out at the gym everyday again. Shout out to Work Zone Fitness in Manheim.
  • loose teeth and hysterics so ridiculous I can't help but laugh.

  • snow, snow, and more snow.
  • glazed cream filled doughnuts and wavy potatoe chips with Helluva Good French Onion Dip, no substitutions accepted.
  • our towns lit Christmas tree, and lights draping over the square to form a Christmas tree, I love that we raise a ball on New Years Eve and have our own celebration.

  • looking through my picture files.
  • seeing pictures of my parents when they were younger.
  • great books, great minds, great people.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day!


Maria said...

I want to see this curl technique!! And I agree 100% with the doughnut and chip bullet!

Jessica said...

Yes! Please teach the curl technique...because my hair could sure use it!

Rachelle said...

wait, what? a naughty librarian? who called you that? that is awesome.

and your hair looks darling curled. i love it!

We Three Queens said...

Is that a picture of your dad? What kind of a uniform is that? Very cool picture. Now I need to see some pics of your mom when she was younger.