Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh Crap...I am in over my head!

Dear Blog Reader,

Everything I tell you must remain a secret in that it cannot get back to the source. Here is my dilemna. Bella has a boyfriend. I use this term only because it is the one she uses. It started all very benignly. But now she has asked Travis for a Book of Mormon to give to him. When he questioned her why she responded that it was because the prophets have told us to share the gospel. And quickly followed up with because also she won't marry someone who can't take her to the temple. Happy moment that she remembered that awesome principle and plans to live by it, but...wowzo scary serious and I just don't know what to say or do. HELP ME!

A Day With Me


Maria said...

Way to go Bella! Whatever you are doing is working, Mary! You're awesome!!

whitney allison said...

Ok, seriously funny. I have no clue what to tell you. Can you imagine him taking it home to his parents because his "girlfriend" is trying to convert him? Yeah...good luck. I mean it ultimately can't hurt for her to take it to him but it does make it sound like a rather serious relationship.

Sommer said...

oh geeze that is so cute and funny, what a good girl Bella is. I wish I knew some tips to give you but that seriously is so far out of my expertise. Good luck!

Solviej said...

Bella is just so amazing!