Monday, January 24, 2011

I Am Officially A Girl

I know this is shocking news. Bella with some frequency asks, "Am I a girly girl or a tomboy?" She has surmised that she is a little bit of both. My whole life till recently I would have said I was a tomboy. Predominantly raised with boys, friends with boys, boy hobbies and interests there were few areas where I felt girly. My college goal was to wear some kind of makeup everyday. With each passing year I develop more of my girly side. Some of it comes naturally and some of it I have to work at. Well a little while back some friends invited me to go shopping with them and then out to lunch. I decided to do it and {gasp} this was my first time ever. Previously I have not been a fan of shopping partly because I'm very practical [need something, find where it is cheapest, go buy it, and done] and second because I am very cheap why tempt myself with things I may potentially want when I know I don't want to end up buying them anyway. But I was up for the social part of it and we intended to hit a store that I knew I needed stuff from.

So we met up at 9:30 in the morning. We shopped and shopped wondering what appeared to be aimlessly up and down aisles for hours. Then we went to another store next door. I didn't need stuff there, but ended up buying stuff. :( Then we went to lunch. Yummo! I can always get behind going out to eat. And then we decided we hadn't shopped enough and found everything we needed so we made a somewhat impromptu stop at Target on the way home, where we wondered even more aimlessly. We arrived back at my friends and I took a friend towards her home, and eventually I got home at 6:30. I just spent 9 hours, count them nine [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9] hours shopping. Holy crap. It's official with this trip I have entered the realm of girl or girly. How do I feel about this - admittedly undecided. But for those friends who are reading this, I had a great time - the social aspect was very pleasant and I can't wait to try it again.


Laura Lynn said...

Hahaha! So we converted you. At least we went to bargain places... and a trip into the hood somewhere...
I'm up for another trip anytime. IKEA is calling me.
And yes, lunch was awesome!

OwenEveryone said...

I have to say Mary......Kuddo's to you! I am not a shopper and there fore convinced that is one of the main reason's Jason married me! LOL...... I am a get in get what I know I want/need and get out....... I can do maybe 2 to 3 stores tops, when out with friends......then I am done!=)
Good for you to give it a try! Who know's.......maybe you will be converted yet........ my friends have been trying for a long time! And still love me all the same for my lack of shop till they drop carma!