Monday, January 4, 2016

A Great Time To Serve

Autumn time in our home is a great time.  It's filled with excitement and energy. Snow and Christmas are around the corner.  And each day is filled with the excitement of watching which tree will usher forth its colors.  The leaves start dropping and my kids get a manic energy.

When we lived in Utah we had our own trees turning and dropping leaves.  Now we only have one.  It's not that exciting and it drops late in the season.  Many others around us don't have that same love for autumn.  For them it is the raking of endless bags of leaves.

This year I offered out our family services to two or three individuals.  They took us up on our sincere efforts.  We raked over 20 bags of leaves, which is only a drop in the bucket for those with deciduous trees.  The weather was chilly, but not unbearable.

I love my kids willingness to help others.  I hope they remember these times as good and take this with them into adulthood.  Special note:  Issac is a champion worker and all around happy boy.   No matter the task, he has a smile on his face.  That's why he has so many pics.

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