Friday, January 29, 2016

Wy Is My Guy

He's the best piece of my heart.
He's kind, easy and almost always content with whatever.
Even if every now and again I see smidges of adolescents that terrify me,
I know we will weather this together.
He loves me fiercely and is super protective of me.
He takes his role as oldest seriously.
If Travis is gone he is the consummate"man of the house."

He puts others ahead of himself.
He loves learning.
He shivers with pent up energy when he gets into something.
He reads voraciously. 
(Like a book a day on weekends or snow days, every two days otherwise.)
He's sweet and kind. 
He embraces old fashion manners and opens doors for others,
waits for everyone to be served before starting to eat,
lets girls in front of him in lines.

He is thoughtful and intuitive.
He is snugglable and loving.
I'm so happy to have him.
Happy Birthday, kid.  I'll keep you - forever!

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