Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thanksgiving Home

His home is my home, so even if his parents couldn't be there the whole time for Thanksgiving vacation, we were still headed home.  Our time was filled with all of our Texas favorites: hunting, arrowhead digging, playing, ranching, eating both Thanksgiving and all around town, butchering meat to take home, games with cousins and 2nd cousins and going to the peak.
And some new fun things: tracking down the name of this plant, swimming in the swimming hole even if it was cold, Emma coming from Fort Worth for a visit, this awesome moon, and some fierce games of capture the flag in the fields.
And just an overwhelming sense of gratitude to these two lookers for not only giving me the most handsome husband, but for making him a husband I feel lucky every day to have.  You sure raised him right.  

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