Thursday, January 7, 2016

She's My Best Friend

She's an "old soul".
She's mature beyond her years and more kind than me.
She entertains and educates me.
I probably learn more from her than she does from me.
She's the perfect mix of girl and woman.
She's my best friend and she's my daughter.
She earned another trip to New York,
back in November-that is, 
her favorite big reward,
and not so bad for this day trip city loving girl.
It was just us and I don't get tired of her.
She loves an adventure with me and
she provides the whimsy and vividness
that only a child can bring to the picture.
New York City Mass Transit mavens

Times Square - Waiting at the Tickets Booth

Ellen's Star
She's an artist!

The Doughnut Plant

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