Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy Birthday - Let's Grow Old Together

He is the best dad,
tells the best bedtime stories,
has the greatest imagination ever. 
Is the perfect combination of tender and playful.
He is the greatest teacher,
teaching the kids his every skill set
while they are young and interested.
He has taught the kids
how to make cookies
how to change the oil in the car
and properly clean from top to bottom.
He's the most patient man ever.
Clearly as he deals with me on a regular basis.
He's the father to four kids
and a host of others through foster care.
He's a great puppy trainer.
He's the best employee.
The ultimate peacemaker with no ego.
He builds everyone around him up,
works hard and is innovative.
He's the best husband.
He makes me feel loved, treasured and like royalty.
He compares me to his favorite role model
calling me "Josephina".
He is Mr. Fix it.
He can fix anything under the sun.
And has with no prior knowledge.
Our garage door, our cars, anything!!!
He's brilliant.
His mind can comprehend things
I'll never understand.
He can figure out how anything works
by taking it apart.
He is a hard worker.
Whether working for other an employer
or running our own business,
he works hard enough to make anything a success.
He is service minded.
He helps volunteer in a million ways
at our church officially and non officially.
He helps in the community
and is the first to help another person.
He's fiercely handsome.
Beyond his sexy cleft chin and amazing jawline,
he has magnificent green eyes
and cheekbones that make me jealous.
Travis, you meet and exceed
my every expectation.
I'll love you forever.
Let's grow old together.
Happy Birthday!

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