Thursday, December 31, 2015

1290.2 miles run
1 half marathon with Isabella
2 New York trips with her too, and another to attend the wedding of a friend
4 major trips - Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Scotland and Texas
3 beach trips - one with family, one with best friend and kids and one with my sister
2 new foster children
1 Whiting drilling expansion - Travis brought drilling equipment to PA to do Geothermal drilling
2 Visits from the in-laws and college roommate and kids
1 Travis trip to Utah
1 set of changed renters in the Utah house
4"ish" weekend trips to East Strousburg to see another BFF
13 temple trips
1 baptism
15 years of marriage
And endless other adventures and joys.

Each year I feel blessed beyond measure, each year is better than the last.  Each year I am nervous the next won't be as awesome and each year I worry in vain.

Because somehow my life gets better and better.  So it felt almost karmic when I read this talk today.

Happy New Year.  May you find your happiness in 2016!

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