Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blizzard '16

I guess this is the new thing.  For years everyone compared every snow or potential snow to the blizzard of '93 or '96.  But this past snow dumped even more impressive record amounts.  How much?  Well about 32" in 30ish hours. 

Our family loves snow.  We were in heaven.  Our friend - I need a new word that English doesn't have yet:  it should be a friend that is considered family - Candela was visiting from Spain.  She doesn't see snow.  She loved the novelty of it all.  So it was just a lot of child-like innocence and excitement.

Lots of outdoor play, tons of hot chocolate and countless nights watching movies snuggled under blankets with the fireplace going and some missed school days are what blizzards bring.  Sounds good to me.  How can people not like winter and snow?

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