Friday, May 27, 2011

Seizing the Moment

After many days of rain, my neighbor said the news reported
39 of the past 80 days had rain, my kids were getting restless. 
What could they do? 
I looked at Bella and asked what would you do if it weren't raining. 
She answered that she would be jumping on the trampoline. 
So I then said, go jump it's not like the rain is going to hurt you.  And guess what she did.
 And of course it only takes one strong leader to have a good attitude and set the mood. 
And quickly the minnions follow rank. 
And it becomes a happy mosh pit of jumping children.
But I could only snap a couple of pictures because
the inner child in me longed to play in the rain with them too. 
And so we jumped together. 
And I was glad that I had postponed dinner and laundry and
whatever else I had been thinking about doing because it was totally worth it.

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