Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bible Study Award

Wyatt has been going with a neighbor to their youth group/Bible Study.  They are a non denominational Christian Church whose youth group activities focus on games and learning Bible verses through the Awana Book, a national Bible Study Program.  At the end of the school year if you have gotten through the whole book you receive an award.

Wyatt had started the year late only being invited in October and I was claiming a very much hands off approach to this project since I felt like I had enough on my proverbial plate.  Travis decided to help with this but more than anything Wyatt worked through most of the book himself.  Each week memorizing a Bible verse.  Two weeks before Awards week, Wyatt found out from one of the instructors that not only do you work through the book but there is to be a review process where you are quizzed on all 30 verses mixed up and at random to ensure you really have memorized them instead of reading and regurgitating the verses each week.  Wyatt had one week to get through the whole book review.  His instructor told him it is rarely done, but offered him a bonus incentive if he would work hard all week and finish his entire review in one night. 

Wyatt, a sucker for a challenge, hit it hard especially that last Wednesday when he took his book to school to keep reading through during any free time he had.  And guess what he rocked it out.  So sure enough he got his awards and ribbons and his great instructor gave him a Lego 3-in-1 kit.  I'm so proud of Wyatt for working hard almost completely on his own.  I'm so happy I really did nothing with this and I'm so proud of Travis but especially Wyatt.  Boy - you are destined for great things.


Laura Lynn said...

He's such a good kid - way to go on his Bible!

Alisa said...

Getting ready for his mission, Mamma!