Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Field Trip

Despite living one county over my whole life long, I am often amazed at the little treasures I find while living here in Lancaster County.  One of those treasures happens to be Mt. Gretna.  It is a cutesy little town that caters to tourism with a sweet lake and awesome kid's equipment in the lake to amplify the fun. 

Additionally there is a great ice cream shop called The Jigger Shop, a roller skating rink, and a little camp called Gretna Glen.  Cue Wyatt's first grade field trip.  We went and spent the day traveling through four stations as well as opening and closing ceremonies with a halftime break for lunch, some of which were partially eaten by the ravenous squirrels.
Stations included Pond Adventures where they let the kids scoop out pond goop with nets in hopes of finding hidden treasures of a turtle, tadpole, minnows, and other stuff which we discovered.
We had a field games station, a hike around the lake learning the ins and outs about wildlife, and Wyatt's personal favorite the Animal Awareness station.  It was a blast and the rain held off till we were on the bus and then it poured. 

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The Conger's said...

oh man I love all your recent posts, wow you are so great at keeping up with posting. Go Mary!