Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It Feels Noteworthy to Me

So many of my posts have lately been a mere travel log of the events of our life.  At one point I would have considered myself clever or witty, those days no longer exist.  It's not that I'm not clever or witty anymore it is just that those things require a bit of thought-at least for me and blogging is one area where I am choosing not to think.  So what has the past week covered that I've missed...
Well Friday May 6th - Issac's Pre-K class had a Mother's Day Party.  Despite coming straight from the gym I ate total junk and loved every minute of my popcorn, Goldfish, Cheerios, M&M, raisins, pretzals, etc...trail mix.  I also loved the frosted sugar cookies.  Three times I loved those babies.  Shh.  Don't tell!
The kids had made pictures and written a sentence about why they loved their mom.  Well I rocked it out because Issac loves me because I play ball with him.  I was feeling good overall and far superior to the mother's who were loved because "my mom lets me have fruit snacks every morning when I first wake up." and "she gives me whatever I want whenever I want."  Oh this wasn't a competition?  Crap!
Saturday May 7th - I woke up at 7:40 just in time to drive a couple minutes up the hill to the first ever Manheim 5K @ 8:00am.  I was excited to give real running a try after so many miles spent on the treadmill and the course ran by my house.  There stood the kids and Travis cheering like crazy.  Oh and letting me know I was in 52nd place.  Well about two minutes into the race I tweaked a muscle in my back.  Blast me and my not stretching or warming up.  But 32 minutes and 3.18 miles later I felt like I had a really had a good experience.  With no watch and nothing but a good pace to keep me moving I average once again a ten minute mile.  I had totally forgotten that running in PA on hills is totally different than on a flat treadmill.  Note to self: Use hill setting on treadmill from now on. 

Then for one of my Mother's Day presents Travis, the kids, and I embarked on our Spring Cleaning.  With 6 1/2 of us at work it only took us four hours to spring clean the entire house.  Then we played in the back yard, flew kites, and enjoyed the perfect weather.  Later that night we went to see the youth of our church in the Road Show.  It reminded me just how awesome my ward is.  They were a total hit and the choreography was amazing.  Shout out to Camille! 
Sunday, Mother's Day and May 8th, I had a lovely French Toast Breakfast, a scavenger hunt to find three new purses and extra shelving to hang in my laundry room.  I would post pictures, but let's be honest, I am getting to the age where no makeup, bloated morning face, Mary pictures just are not worth sharing.  That afternoon we spent taking walks, trying to feed ducks - they weren't that receptive, and Travis giving Wyatt a bloody nose.  It was from a football and quickly forgotten amid the fun.  No worries.  Overall I lead a charmed life and so each moment does feel noteworthy to me.

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