Monday, May 23, 2011

It Never Gets Old

Every year my husband and sons go camping at least once together without us girls.  The one guaranteed date is always in May and it is with our church to celebrate the restoration of the Priesthood of God upon the face of the Earth once more.  They attend firesides and camp and do all the things that camping entails but while they are away, the mice -or girls of our family- will play. 

We started an tradition of Bella having a girl's sleepover.  She invited four friends, three came, and two spent the night.  Our night included doing nails, hair, makeup, eating more unhealthy and fat filled foods than I consume in a week, and watching movies till late into the night.
Arielle, our friend living with us, and I painted four sets of nails with polka dots, swirls, stripes, etc...  They then got in pairs of two and did each other's makeup.  The piece d'resistance for the girls was that we let them do our makeup.  Let's just say I was covered in a thick layer of glitter gel.  Seriously my face was sticky all night, and although I don't normally wash my face before bed you can bet I did that night.  Then they came to the computer where they picked hair options from the princess hairstyles website, I previously blogged about, except for one little girl who let Bella do a handful of braids so it would be crimped the next day. 
I think everyone had fun, perhaps most of all Arielle.  But I was surprisingly thrilled to relive the girlish wonders of the preteen years right along side of them.  Somethings never get old and and I think girly makeovers may just be one of them.

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