Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Changed My Life

this website!
This was Sunday night.  I should have gotten a picture earlier in the day.
Bella is starting to take an interest in how she looks for school.
Which means I get to play dress-up most days.


Anja said...

i follow that blog too! Just wish my daughter had long enough hair to actually practice it on! it's super cute, you did a great job!

Staigerfamily said...

Wow! This looks great and sounds like a lot of fun! I'm so excited to some day be a part of girl hair doing-ness . . . but for now, just having fun with headbands and bows :)

whitney allison said...

Fancy! It looks great!

We Three Queens said...

I used to love playing with my girls hair (for the most part). That came to an abrupt halt when they hit middle school. Now I'm not allowed to touch either one of them. Bummer. SO sad when they don't need their mommy as much. Have a wonderful time with you're beautiful little Bella.