Monday, June 25, 2012

Why Ask Why

Many people ask me why I go "out"?  When I say go "out" I am referring to the club scene with dancing, drinking, karaoking, etc...  Because let's be honest...I don't drink.  I never have, so I'm always sober and the designated driver "DD".  I dance though, lots wildly without care and usually shamefully, yet I feel none.  And as for Karaoke - although I next to never participate - I am endlessly entertained. 

So when others ask why I go out, the answer is this...when my friends are a few drinks in and less prohibited they have now just reached the fun level I like to live at every hour of every day of my life.  And guess what...they will regret tomorrow what they did last night, not because it was so bad, but because for just a little while they didn't care what others thought and they just gave into the moment of fun and that kind of fun needs to be shared. 

Example:  Listen to this person sing in a different key than the music, and not even well mind you, but not only did this person have fun, everyone else did too - notice the joining in by the crowd.  Darkness of video is to protect the singer and oh...the not so great lighting of the place.
That's why I go out, because life is too short to be serious all the time.

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