Friday, June 15, 2012

Whine, Whine, Whine

For those who jealously think that my life is perfectly charming and trouble free, read on - you'll feel better.  If you think otherwise be prepared because I have at least four paragraphs of whine in me...starting now!

But guess what, I saved the post I had written which was closer to eight paragraphs of whine, waiting to see if I really wanted to post it.  I mean it really was self indulgent complaining.  And guess what, in that time - I remembered one fact - someone always has it worse than me, and likely people have it better than me, although I'm skeptical.  And my job is to make the most of my happiness and so I'm doing that. 

And for me that means not dwelling on the negative but focusing on the positive instead.  So I'm going to go tuck my kids into bed, earlier than normal and kiss them goodnight.  And treat myself to take out Mexican food, and wonder how I got so lucky to be able to get take out whenever I want and sit in my air conditioned house with four beautiful, active, independent children laying sound asleep in bed with tanned bodies and extreme exhaust from a very sun coma filled week at the pool. 

Peace out!

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Laura Lynn said...

There's always a better way to look at anything!