Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Travis,

When I met you I only had flirty lust on the brain.  And you were a perfect candidate with your muscular, compact body and handsome face and southern accent. 

And as I dated you I only had marriage on the brain.  And there too you were just perfect for me with you're never ending example of knowing what was right and doing it, being kind continuously, and oh yeah your awesome body, handsome face and southern accent. 

And once we were married I had children on the brain.  And it just turns out that you were spectacular for me there too, with your never ending patience and easy nature, your joy in the journey attitude and oh yeah knowing and doing what is right, constant kindness, your awesome body, handsome face, and a little less prevalent southern drawl. 

So I guess I consider myself super lucky that when I started randomly placing myself in your path - read: stalking you - that I couldn't have picked more perfectly.  Because even though I may have lacked the foresight to pick that all up front at first sight, we've managed it all wonderfully together.

And so when I say I think you are the world's best dad, I mean it, and when I say you are an even better husband, if that is even possible, I know it's true.  And when I say I can't wait for forever with you - I live every principle of goodness or righteousness that might seem hard at the time, because I know that you are the reward at the end.  Some may be waiting for their mansions in heaven, some may want an eternal reward, but Babe...all I need is more of you - forever.

Happy Father's Day,
your co-conspirator in eternal family making

P.S.  Be glad I love you, because I almost scanned the picture of you on our honeymoon laying in bed as an example of your awesome body and handsome face :)

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