Sunday, June 24, 2012

Say It Ain't So...

Okay so a week has passed without my posting.  And it's not for lack of pictures or content.  I think of things I should post about, but can't get to it right away or I am laying at the pool all day getting tan and then Wham-O it's out of my brain.  But I have tons of pictures so I guess it's time to play journaling catch up.  Here goes:
The dance year ended with Bella's recital. 
This is her lyrical class in their ending pose.
And below that is her leaving the recital with her awards and ribbons.
While at the park one day, this tiny duck walked right up to
a sitting Issac and snuggled in.  His mother was nowhere in sight. 
We adopted him for a couple of days until I could read all about
how you get another adult baby duck to adopt an abandoned duck. 
And ta-da we have him back with his new duck family.
Baseball season ended. 
The boys ended up being ball playing studs after a somewhat rocky beginning. 
Here they are getting their trophies and posing with their team.
Father's Day came and went and in case you missed my post about hubster, here, read below.
He got fishing lures and candy a plenty.
It doesn't matter what shirt they have on when they go to bed,
when they wake up this is what I see.
Naked brothers:  Notice the start of pecs on Wy-Guy.
And last I inherited a pair of skinny jeans, nice fit - a little long in the leg.
Guess I'll just always have to wear them with heels.
That's what happens in a week and a half at our house.

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Christie said...

Love the skinny jeans and pics of your kids!