Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gratitude Cont...

So a couple have asked about the details of what I am so grateful about, well I guess nothing except for my very happy, eternal family.  And to numerically number/name it is to say:

14 - end of school award/certificates (and I'm not referring to generic ones, but ones that are actually earned and so there comes a great sense of personal accomplishment)
3 - perfect or near perfect report cards
Half a dozen - Nice notes, emails or phone calls about my children and how great they are
A dozen - Nice notes, emails or phone calls thanking me for my service as PTO president
5 - Gift plants from teachers for me
4 - Happy, grateful children
1 - Amusement Park Trip
1 - Very hard working husband

And not so numerically,
my family who loves to play together,
who travels well in the car together,
two boys who played baseball for the first year ever and picked it up like champs,
our pool pass,
no financial worries,
the school year being over,
the Women's Club of Manheim year being over,
the end of being PTO president,
the commitment to play more with my kids and seeing the effects of that.

I don't know I just feel happy and grateful.  My family and life are just so much better than I ever imagined them to be when I was younger.  Now for the pics from the last week of school, elementary school graduation, fourth grade play, field day, and ensuing celebration at the amusement park, and first day of summer party...

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