Thursday, June 28, 2012

An Investment

My kids and I have been to several roller skating parties now.  And each time in the span of a two to three hour party the younger ones peter out pretty quickly.  And I wonder why I spent the money on admission fees or skates or any part of it.  Or why I didn't let the younger ones stay home and only bring the olders ones.

And then as I struggle round the rink in skates of my own, holding two children as they continuously fall practically hanging off of me, I remember.  Because rollerskating is a fairly good work out and not only that it requires a ton of balance and a good center and a sense of timing.  And so I like to look at each of these nominal fees as not paying for our day of skating, but an investment in their future athletic ability.

But in the meantime here are me and my kids and the neighbors cheesing it up on the sideline and Issac showing us how it's done.


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Alisa said...

Wonderful news about possibly doing Foster Care. David and I have talked about it for years now. Have even been to meetings but I am to chicken to do it while Hyrum is still so young. So good for you for stepping up for us wimps!