Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It Isn't Optional???

While Travis was home I happened to realize that I was nearing the end of my birth control packet.  Note:  if this first sentence was too much information for you.  Stop reading.  Opt out because it gets worse.  I order my birth control through the mail and get three months at a time.  So I popped below my sink for my back up stash only to discover, I was out.

That couldn't be right.  I have the automatic refill set up.  They send it when I am starting my last month.  Crap seven days to solve this dilemna.  So first thing yesterday morning I called the mail order perscription pharmacy to clear this mishap up.  And change our insurance, because we went from a company policy to our own private insurance policy.  It turns out that at the year mark when you refill your perscription they automatically remove your preferences.  Alas the automatic refill no longer exists on the account.  Seriously???  So I order it today, asking him how long until it would come in the mail and if there was any way to expedite it.  He said yes for an extra seventeen dollars...Nevermind I said, so how long normal time.  He said well it could get to you by the end of the week, but legally I am required to say 7-10 days. 

Without thinking I said, oh that's cutting it close.  He said, "Excuse Me".  I said oh it's cutting it close I have seven days left.  But I'll be fine.  Go ahead with the normal order.  And he says to me, that's crazy.  That's how you end up with surprise twins.  I replied thanks for the advice, but my hubby is out of town for the next two weeks so even with a day or two lapse, I think I'll be okay by the time he gets back into town.  I could tell he was flustered by this bit of information, but I don't care, because quite frankly I am starting to think birth control is semi-optional.  All right.  Not semi optional, but not near the Def Com 3 urgency it has been at other times in our marriage. 

So I ask all Medical professionals out there, or blogging medicine laymen, if you were to miss a day or two of birth control, how long do you think you would have to be on it again, to be in the clear?


Laura Lynn said...

I am a terrible one to answer this seeing as I always forgot to take it.

Rachelle said...

im dying over this mary!! so funny. i seriously haven't used 'the pill' since our first year of marriage. hated it. hope it comes on time.

The Doctors Wife said...

I don't know the answer to this question but, If the Lord wants you to have another child then you'll get one. After all, what is one more?