Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A girl may tell herself that she is going to bed early tonight.  But said girl will still find herself working hard at 11:30, finishing stuff for a Cub Scout Camp this weekend, she may find herself preparing for the last few events for Women's Club of Manheim, Manheim's Rose Festival Weekend on June 9th - the Mannheim Market and Volksfest specifically, and she may find herself deeply emerged in PTO stuff, with too many tasks to even begin to name.

All I can say, is I appreciated teachers before, but people rock a crazy busy schedule at the end of a school year.  Thanks teachers and I need some sleep.  So Peace Out for tonight.  Now to pack lunches for tomorrow and clean up the house.  Oh I love single parenting - In the words of my neighbor's hubby tonight, "It seems like you could use a live in husband."  Yeah, you think.

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