Wednesday, May 23, 2012

End of Year

It's the end of the year.  I have the same bittersweet feelings that accompany any ending or time of transition for me.  I just love my life and so each chapter closing fills me with sadness, the sands of time slipping away from me never to be recovered, but only remembered.  Likewise it is sweet as I anticipate the new beginnings and endless possibilities of the future.

Issac went to Kindergarten this year and flourished under the tutelage of an excellent Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Durison-Stouch, who appreciated his every enthusiastic filled day and helped him to learn so much.  He has taken to school like a fish in water, more naturally than I could have anticipated.  This year they did this sheet.  It hung on his bedroom door all year.  But after a bout of croup this week and some serious humidifying of his room to prevent an ER trip, all the tape gave way.  I figured it was time to toss it anyway and so my picture journal of the kids school art continues to be recorded here for posterity. 

So I present - Issac (Kindergarten) age 5-6:
Issac you fill my life with unabashed joy.
Smile everyday for me and I will smile with you.

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