Monday, May 14, 2012

First Visit

After more than four weeks, Travis came home Friday for his first visit.  Highlights include camping out back, s'mores, lots of pick up baseball games and practice, bike riding, family walks, movie nights, Mother's Day, shopping (I got cobalt blue skinny jeans among other things), falling asleep as a family on the living room couches and floor, me waking up stiff and going up to bed, playing until the kids were so tired, Issac got sick (croup), and we are all welcoming the rainy Monday to recover.

The airport departure this morning was a sad affair, but a jaunt back to Manheim and a visit to the gym and a Zumba class later, my endorphins are recharged despite only sleeping four hours last night and feeling quite glum about widowhood.  Pictures to come...not many and not good due to the total engagement, in the moment, play factor aspect. 

What I learned was that Travis really is my best bud.  Everything is better with him.  I don't need him, but I sure do want him and like him.  Also parenting is sometimes trickier with two people.  Entering a second opinion, and sometimes sixth opinion, to the family dynamic sure makes decision making a bit harder.  I really am not as big of a dinner person as I had previously thought.  Without Travis the kids and I have more casual dinners filled with fruit, cheese, nuts, and then kid friendly (yuck) food like hot dogs, mac n' cheese, etc...And finally I learned that Travis should not be allowed to fly unattended. 

In Gillette they found a pocket knife in his carry on bag.  They of course knew it was unintentional and since they are a small airport they let him run it back out to his car, but still add this to all the other times where I have checked him and found bullets, other knives, and his tendency to say bomb in airports he's starting to get a pesky travel reputation.

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