Saturday, May 26, 2012

All About Me

Favorite Songs:  The Call - Regina Spektor, A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
* I get that these are older, but I still am loving constantly listening them

What I've Virtually Given Up: TV
* Minus some Hulu

Favorite Number: 6

Things I believe in:  God, myself, the goodness of people, forgiveness, ghosts (spirits - call it what you want), working hard, playing harder, being exhausted at the end of each day, changing the world one good deed at a time, lust at first sight, that going out to eat can make a bad day better, my marriage's ability to withstand any trial, the saving power of the Atonement.

Favorite Color:  None
* Purple has been abandoned.  Instead each moment brings a new surprise.

What I Wish My Name Were:  Trixie or Kat

Favorite Recently Found Photo:
* Nothing makes me happier than seeing this guy happy.  Plus what a sexy beast he is.  Am I the luckiest girl in the world or what!!!
Favorite Book(if at gun point I have to pick just one):  Atlas Shrugged

Where I'm Itching to Go:  Greece, Italy
*  Bring me the food, the beach, and the men

Favorite Day of the Week:  Thursday
* I love anticipation

What I'm Most Looking Forward to:  Summer Vacation (6 wk nationwide tour)

What I'm Open To Admitting Might Exist:  UFO's, aliens, Skin-Walkers, fairies (I know this sounds crazy - I just do), time travel, a lot of logically improbable stuff - I don't want to embarrass myself too much.

Favorite Foods:  chili, bread, water, doughnuts, mint oreos, Mexican, Bajio's - Green Chile Ensalada, seafood, french fries, onion rings, all breakfast foods (grits, waffles, eggs, bacon ALL OF IT)

Easiest Way to Make My Day:  random guy checking me out/hitting on me, paying me a sincere compliment

Guilty Pleasure:  real mail, McDonalds, hiding my intelligence/acting vain and shallow (to avoid expectations), flowers, reading all hours of the night, waxing, takeout or going out to eat, trivia (Jeopardy, Trivial Pursuit), a doughnut and milk to end the day, one of my children falling asleep on me, romance novels, happy endings, long phone conversations with my sister, girls' night out, dancing, loud music, shoes, clothes, purses, a good tan, being able to love what I'm currently doing.

So what do you think, you still wanna be friends after all that???


Staigerfamily said...

This was such a fun read. Seriously. Made me want to hang out with you . . . and laugh.

Christie said...

I wanna be even better friends with you now!