Monday, December 13, 2010

Thieving It Like A Robber

Christmas Card Review:
* before you view please be kind and
remember that I was either 6 0r more months pregnant or
I had a baby less than three months old every Christmas since 2001
(i like to call the last 8 years the chubby years),
but the pics start in 2003.

2006 2007(actually 3/2008)20082009 2010


whitney allison said...

What a fun trip down memory lane...oh yeah, What in the world does "thieving it like a robber" mean? Is it some new Lancaster County street slang?

Alisa said...

Oh, the toll babies put on our bodies! It just goes to show how great you look now though. I wish I could say the same for me but just the opposite unfortunately! And I LOVE your Christmas card this year! I have to admit though, it is hard to beat last years picture of you laying on Travis's lap. It is on our fridge and I have had several people (strangers to you) mention how cute it is and how that would be an adorable engagement picture.

Emmalee said...

love love love this years picture! It captures all of ya'lls personalities!!!!

Maria said...

Love the yearly pictures! Your family is soo cute!

We Three Queens said...

How cool. You guys sure have some great pics and memories. I just loved seeing how your family has grown. Thanks for sharing.